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I feel depressed because I don't have any real friends

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I consider myself to be an introvert and extrovert at the same time. When I’m at work, which is full of extroverts, I am the introvert, I don’t talk, I only work quietly. At school, same thing, I come to class, I get out. But I am a very open, super sweet, genuine, excited, artistic, passionate, and talkative person in general. Whenever someone talks to me, I become that extrovert.

During the semester, I meet these acquaintances, we talk about school and work. We even add each other on Facebook. But whenever I initiate more personal subjects (to get out of that acquaintance zone) it just doesn’t seem to work, I feel like they are reserved, like they are these introverts, and I don’t know how to make them open up to me. I feel lonely because I have SO MUCH to give, I wish that I would be that friend that people would call when they feel happy, sad, etc. I would love to be there for them if they want to see a movie, for a walk in the park, for a road trip, to travel, to help them with anything.. But how, if it never goes past simple acquaintances?

I have 2 friends from high school, whenever we meet up (really not often because one is in med school, the other I feel is busy with her own friends) it’s like the good old times, we become geeky, we laugh at everything and all, but the meetings aren’t constant enough. We only talk about anything but extremely personal things. I made another friend, we speak the same language, so we have this thing in common, we are more than acquaintances at this point, but I still feel her reserved towards me, in the sense that I open up more than her, we’re not at that “personal stage” yet. I am the one asking her to do things with me (like go visit museums, go to an event with me, I guess to make her feel comfortable with me, so that she knows that I am her friend?)

Or something that happens quite often: I meet someone at an event (either that I already met before or first time), we are extreme friends for the night (laughing, talking personal stuff, etc.) then we add each other on Facebook, and nothing. I continue to be super excited and genuine in my messages but they are extremely reserved. We never go out to do anything (brunch (which I would love to do), shop..) after that.

I also don’t connect with superficial and shallow people because I tend to think “old”, in the sense that older people say that I am very mature. Yet, I can’t get past the acquaintance stage with older people nor those my own age.

I don’t know if I’m the problem or if it’s them. I don’t even want 30 friends, I just wish I could have 2-3 real friends, where I could be there for them. It’s as if everyone I meet already have their best friends and therefore it’s impossible for me to get in that group. I see all these people around me surrounded by so many friends, and I feel so lonely, like I should just accept the fact that I will be a loner for the rest of my life. What should i do?

TL; DR: I only have acquaintances, but no real friends, how to deal with that?
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