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i feel as if im starting to lose my emotions.

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I'm 17 and i have just been having these thoughts of why stay alive like i have nothing to live for and nothing matters like i feel if i died right now it would be the greatest thing that has ver happend to me and its not like anything has really caused this like i feel as if im starting to lose my emotions just having thoughts of dieing and the sad part is that it doesnt bother me idk if this is just a phase in my life but i feel almost positive it would be best just to die. i dont know what this means.and i havent always been like this im usally really happy one of the happiest people a person could know but everything has just turned around. -NTL4
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replied March 5th, 2012
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It does bother you, big time. Else you wouldn't write here.

At 17 you haven't even begun to live yet so how can you possibly decide it's pointless. Get back into your life, interact, go see a doc and let your future flourish as at this stage you can still be whatever you want to be, within limits. You can't be Superman as the job is filled.

Try doing some different things and I don't mean drugs or alcohol.
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