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I feel as if a rock is coming.up my throat. acid reflex?

Hi, I'm 16 and had my baby 4 months ago. When I was pregnant I went on antibiotics for sinuses. When I took them I would get bad stomach aches and poop out bloody mucus. My doctors said it was normal. Then after I stopped taking it, it got better. After being pregnant I started getting upper abdominal pain right under my boobs. Between my ribs in the middle of my abdomin. I also have a thing where if I eat fats and greasy foods I will get stomach pains and get bloated and nausous. The pain will get releaved when I burp which I have to wait for it to slowly.come up but then comes back. I also burp and taste food too. I also have another.thing.where if I eat wrong(which I seem to always) (still a kid), I feel as if a rock is coming.up my throat. I have not tried anything but tums which doesnt help much. Also my throat seems to burn alot and I feel the food coming up in my chest. Im going to the gi on wednesday but I wanted your opinion before I go. Does this seem like ibs.or acid reflex?
Thanks lauren
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replied June 16th, 2012
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Hi Lauren,

Sounds like you have some acid reflux. This is common during pregnancy as your swollen abdomen presses up against the stomach. Usually when you regain your pre-baby weight, this subsides.

Now you need to consider how to prevent the reflux by following some lifestyle advice:

Lose weight. Always eat sitting upright. Eat little and often to not overfill your stomach. Avoid tight clothing. Avoid exercise after eating that cramps the stomach - eg. stooping and picking up baby.

And watch your diet.

Your doctor will probably prescribe PPIs (prevacid, nexium etc.) to reduce the acid but they don't stop the reflux.

He may offer endoscopy which will look to see what damage may have been done to your esophagus and stomach. If you've never had one, they're not pleasant but manageable with sedation.

All the best for wednesday.

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replied June 16th, 2012

You possibly already read my post titled "Treating the Cause Instead of the Symptoms" on this forum and if so I am sorry to repeat. Sad

But when we take antibiotics they not only kill the bad bacteria but also the good bacteria (probiotics). Probiotics coat and protect our entire digestive tract. For some people their systems can build these back up fairly quickly on its own but for some they need to take a probiotic supplement to get them built back up.

When probiotics are depleted, then our esophagus and intestines can become raw and bleed due to lack of the protective coating that probiotics provide. Probiotics also aid in digestion so without them we can have problems digesting our food properly. Our stomach will produce excess acid to try to break it down then. Undigested food can cause problems like stomach pain and bloating, and excess acid causes problems like reflux and heartburn. When this excess acid comes up into the esophagus or goes down into the intestines, it also can kill probiotics.

So, you may want to try taking a good quality probiotic and see if it helps any.

I wish you the best!!
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