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I feel alone, I can't find love and I am depressed

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Hi people

My name is Chris, I am 27 years old. I feel so alone, I have no friends I just spend most of my time with my cousin, but I can't be with him every time i need to be with somebody because he has his own life as well. I try to talk to him that i suffer from public anxiety and i need to be with someone or at least talk with someone but he can't understand.

Besides, friends my real disappointed is that i never had a relationship with a girl, all my life so far i never heard at least once the phrase "I love you". I really don't know where i will look for and how I flirt with girls, suffering from public anxiety it makes it so hard.

On weekdays the feeling of loneliness is not so bad because I am at work, at night I take some courses at the university (I study Master in Media) around 10 pm I go home I have dinner and I sleep for the day. The problem of loneliness is so strong at weekends because I spend many hours at home. I am also want to die because my life is pointless, I suffer too much because of this.

The problem becomes worst and worst by the time that past. I have been to the therapist but she didn't help me.
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First Helper christos84

replied March 17th, 2012
If you have problems with strangers, and you need a girlfriend, then some things you want to aviod clubs and online dating places. See if your cousin might take you and some of his friends (mostly girls) to a movie, or lunch, or something else casual where you can all easily talk, become friends, and learn about each other. Don't do anything intense, but just a nice way to meet people. (:
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replied March 25th, 2012
thank you ktdog for replying.

But the thing is I can't go meet some girls with my cousin because he likes to date girls at the age of 14 to 17 and he is 24 I ask him many times but nothing work out.

anyhow, I still see a therapist and hopefully at the end things will end out good.
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replied August 30th, 2013
So how are things working out?
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