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i feeel i am nothing!

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i just can't talk to people who i don't know. all i want is to have friends, just to laugh and feel happy,i think no one wants to talk to me cause i'm boring and not funny.all i want is to live happily and become social.please give me tips and encourage me.
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replied April 10th, 2012
Hey marwan, are you shy or something?
Well I used to be very shy and that was a problem. I was so shy that I couldn't say a simple "hi" to girls then I decided to change that. I forced a to say hi to the girls of my English classes and I changed a little the way I got dressed. Slightly, the girls started to greet me and and stare at me. I was 18 at that time. it took 3 weeks for me to ask a girl out, when I finally got encouraged to do that, for my surprise, she smiled and accepted. Well I felt really happy, not because she accepted but, I convinced myself that I could change the way I used to be. I started dating this girl and guess what? some girls suddenly got interested in me. That made me mad, because when I was alone, nobody cared nor had interested in me but after that, the girls got curious or something like that, I don't know, they started asking out and to parties or study. What the heck happened to the girls? I don't know either.

Do you understand?

The tips I can give you are:
1) Never give up. Keep trying until reach your goal.
2) Try to wear something different once in a while. Something you like of course.Some people like news. I am not telling you to change your clothes style forever, but that will call people attention to you.
3) People say that you can make friends easily when you find people that likes doing the same things you do, such as, sports, dancing, game events, drinking or whatever. This I can tell that it works, I made many friends (and still do) playing dancing machine games. I have fun, people have fun as well and you naturally start talking to them and things flows easily.
4) Ask someone out, to the movies, restaurants, bar night clubs or some cool places. This will help you understand how they feel, what they like or dislike, future plans and dreams, this will even help you what to give as a gift in futures meetings.

Well I hope I have helped a little.

But be sure of one thing. You will overcome that.

Good luck. ^_^
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