hi two days ago me and my boyfriend had sex and cause the scratch on my vulva area. it hurts then same day at night i went out with him it was really cold outside, when i came home i started feeling cold and having fever, my body was like burning. then there are some blisters came out around my vagina. it only hurt a bit when i touch it. but my vulva scratch part still hurts. there are lumps one each side of my inguinal area. but i dont think my bf has HSV and neither do i .what are the all symptoms about ? would it be the bacteria infection because of the lesions down to the vulva part? Question
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replied December 26th, 2012
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You need to get yourself seen by a dr. while the blisters are still there. Your bf (or you) may have HSV-2 and not know it. It's possible to have it for as many as 30 years or more and never have a symptom or sign that you have it. Even if you've never had a symptom, you can break out at any time, especially if you've had a trauma to the area (such as the scratch).

The doctor can only diagnose while the symptoms are still there. There is a blood test, but it's not conclusive without other tests and diagnostic symptoms.

A bacterial vaginal infection (BV) probably wouldn't cause the symptoms you describe; sometimes the only symptoms of a BV is intense, extreme pain.

Both of you should have full STD screenings, but you have to ask for a separate HSV-2 & 1 screening, as well.
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