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I dont know who to go to. anxiety, depression, and...

For the past two months ive been suffering from symptoms of anxiety, depression, and worst of all depersonalization. i am also in a bad situation because i recently graduated from college and have no job no insurance. the prospect of holding down a job in my current condition is really low. i simply wouldnt make it.

my depersonalization is killing me. i suffer everyday and everything just feels so hopeless. im considering going to the free clinic but a part of me wants to try to tough it out and wait to get proper insurance.

If i do decide to go free im not sure if i should go to the county's normal clinics for physical health or to the county mental health clinic. I'm at my wits' end here. im afraid something is horribly wrong with me but theres days that are better that make me believe i should try to tough it out if it only is anxiety/depression.

I would truly appreciate any advice /suggestions. thanks for reading and God bless.
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replied November 18th, 2012
HI, it sounds to me like you should see someone asap! I think that what you are describing is both Depression and anxiety, but it sounds pretty severe. I have found that we all want to put this kind of problem off thinking it will get better and it seldom does without medicaton and therapy or at least one or the other. I have anxiety and depression as well. I to thought I would wait it out, I am so glad I went ahead and saw a psychatrist. If you go to the free clinics I would choose the county mental health clinic. Well goodluck and God bless. I pray everything in your life falls into place with a little help.Smile
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