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I don't want to quit smoking - I just don't want to die from it!

This is for those who Do Not want to quit.

"I don't want to quit smoking - I just don't want to die from it!"

Do you feel this way?

Many of us do. Smoking is our life long friend. It comforts us, gives us pleasure. We LOVE to smoke! But we Know it's killing us.

Don't ya just hate it when someone like your wife or husband tries to make you quit smoking? You resent them for it don't you?

This message isn't just for those who need to quit. It's for those who want to force others to quit.

Some people act like smoking is a disease. A horrible terrible thing. It's Not. What is horrible are the effects from smoking. We all know one day The Smoke will contribute to putting us in the grave and we don't want that. Family members need to understand their loved one will not quit, cannot quit unless THEY want to. They have to be ready for a change. No manner of pleading or yelling or threatening will cause someone to want to quit. We all know you mean well but sometimes you family members go about it all wrong.

So what's the answer? How about finding a happy balance? Find out what the smoker wants and give it to them - in a much safer way.

There is a lot of emphasis on these forums about quitting. Quitting depending on the person and the methods tried can be the hardest thing a person ever tries to do - especially if they really do not want to quit. If you or your loved one falls into this category perhaps quitting is not the best thing for them. Perhaps switching is the answer - to an Electronic Cigarette.

Electronic Cigarettes can be lifesavers. Electronic Cigarettes or E-cigs work by providing a smoke like substance that is safe to inhale and exhale - a Vapor. This vapor gives the smoker the nicotine the smoker craves without any of the tar, carbon monoxide, cancer causing agents or other 4000 chemicals found in tobacco smoke.

Nicotine is not a cancer causing agent. Nicotine by itself is not the enemy - it's the smoke that kills. The truth is nicotine does not kill, cause heart or lung disease. Nicotine by itself only has the same health risks associated with it as caffeine. Caffeine and nicotine are both mild central nervous system stimulants and vascular constrictors or causes vasoconstriction -they can cause narrowing of blood vessels which can contribute to higher blood pressure. If you don't have high blood pressure you have little to fear from normal nicotine intake. You already smoke, and most likely drink coffee, so you will know if using an e-cig is o.k. for you.

When using a electronic cigarette the body begins to heal itself just like that of someone who quit cold turkey. The vapor nor the nicotine adversely effects the health of the smoker (with the exceptions already noted above). E-cigs do not cause harm to others by second hand vapor. The vapor is essentially a form of steam and dissipates in the atmosphere much quicker than smoke does.

Family members, instead of fighting with your loved one, buy them an electronic cigarette and ask them to try it. (here's an incentive - let them use the e-cig in a place you don't let them smoke) Smokers, you know smoking will one day kill you and you do not want to die of smoking related diseases (or else you would not be reading this). When your family member brings home an electronic cigarette for you to try, humor them. Give the e-cig an honest try. You Do Not have to quit the thing you love - just switch tracks a little. You still get the feeling of smoking and the nicotine too in a much less harmful way.

For those who do not want to quit, but just don't want to die from doing the thing they love, switching to an e-cig can be just what the doctor ordered - and many doctors do.

I wrote this because I know e-cigs can save lives. E-cigs have saved my life as well as many others on this forum. It's a viable option more people need to be aware of. I'm not selling anything. I just want to see lives saved.

For more information see . This is an electronic cigarette information clearing house. They do not sell e-cigs, only provide factual scientific information on e-cigs and their use.

E-cigs are not for everyone. There are many other methods to quit smoking. If you want to quit smoking it's important you find the right method that works best for you to keep you from inhaling tobacco smoke.

Thank you for reading my post.

John Phoenix
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replied April 26th, 2012
iv just replied to a post you wrote to rainbow,and now iv just found you! iv been a smoker for 33years and really dont want to give up but iv been diagnosed with copd so i need to. iv been taking champix for 18days and stopped smoking real cigs 4 days ago but the cravings are so bad that iv been sneaking puffs on an elec cig. do you no if doing this is harmful while taking champix? my daughters mother in law gave me the elec cig ages ago when it didnt work for her,and i forgot i had it, but it seems to be doing the job for me, i only use it when cravings get unbearable but it has stopped me going back to smoking. my only worry is that the two combined might be harmful so i would be grateful if you have any info.i do wish i had tried the e-cig before i went on chamfix but think as im almost 3 weeks into the pills i should maybe see them through? youre post has been so helpful, thank you so much.
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replied April 26th, 2012
Hello lioness5.

I did see your other post and thank you for the kind words. Chantix/Champix and the other names it's sold under can work for some people but you have to watch the many side effects and then, many people find the product doesn't hardly work at all.

Champix works by blocking nicotine receptors in the brain.. supposedly keeping the nicotine you take from reacting with these receptors and giving you pleasure from nicotine (in the form of dopamine)

The problem is these receptors in the brain are not exclusive to nicotine. They can fire with chocolate and other substances that you enjoy. This is one reason why many people have problems with chantix/champix. The release of dopamine is normal and healthy for the body. If you stop any normal healthy body process, your going to have problems. Like depriving the body of sleep or serotonin or melatonin.

Like you, if you Google enough you will find many people use a NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapies) like the patch, in your case an e-cig while taking Champix/Chantix and also want to know if this is bad for them. The company who makes these products Pfizer does not recommend doing this. There are however no known studies about this so no one can say for sure. After 18 days you would think the product had built up enough receptor blockers in your brain to keep you from having cravings - since this is not the case either the drug doesn't work for you or your putting way more nicotine in your brain than the drug has the ability to block.

The problem with Chantix/Champix is that it assumes nicotine is bad for you and will therefore help you quit smoking if it takes away the pleasure you get from using nicotine. This is stupid IMO because it only denying you a pleasure and not addressing the other aspects of why people smoke. The main thing is The Smoke itself, it's the smoke that kills and caused all damage, not the nicotine. The drug Champix doesn't address the habits of holding a cigarette, inhaling and exhaling or how to live without you personal friend and sidekick - the cigarette. So you still struggle with these things while trying to quit using Champix. Doesn't sound like a very good way to quit does it? (besides the side effects!)

Many other people who use an e-cig also have COPD and most people find that thier lung function is much improved - the vapor doesn't contribute to lung damage and the COPD and the body begins to heal like that of someone who quit cold turkey.

My best advice to you, is do some research on E-cigs and COPD. If you enjoy using the e-cig and that keeps you from smoking, I see no reason why you should not continue to use it - But stop using the Champix as they can and will interfere with each other. Overall I can say with certainty that using an e-cig is much safer than taking Chantix/Champix. It doesn't have the side effects those drugs have and doesn't stop the brain from producing chemicals that it needs to be healthy. That said, know that nicotine is a vascular constrictor (it narrows blood vessels) and is a central nervous system stimulant - but so does drinking coffee with caffeine - these symptoms can cause problems in people with high blood pressure, hypertension and or diabetes. It's a trade off. You have to weigh the risks and know if your body is healthy enough for nicotine use.

You can look for information on COPD and e-cig use by searching these sites:

an Electronic Cigatette Forum. The largest on the net. They seek to be an information clearing house and do not sell products. They are also a forum where people can meet and discuss using the e-cig. I KNOW there are many posts about people using the E-cig with COPD.. I've seen many of them before. Just use the Google search function for thier forum. ( it's in the top right side of the forum) Joining the forum is free. I am also a member there under the name John Phoenix. - The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association - This is a group of folks who research and discuss many smoking alternatives but focus on healthier non drug based methods like the e-cig and snus. This is for those who need to switch to a healthier alternative than smoking, because it's the smoke that kills - not the nicotine. They also have a forum here: Also free to join and have a ton of great scientific info. I believe you can also find COPD information here. - The Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association - This iste is packed full of scientific facts and research about the Electronic Cigarette.

These are the 3 best places to find factual information on the e-cig and it's use. Study these sites, join the forums, search the forums for posts and ask questions. All of these site owners and their members are great people who just want to help others quit smoking. Sometimes the e-cig is not the right method for people and they do discuss this too. No one is forcing the e-cig on anyone. The main thing is to get you to a point where you can stop inhaling the deadly smoke and thus have better quality of life.

I hope I have helped in some small way. I wish you the very best of health and happiness. You can always contact me through one of the forums or reply to this post if I can be of more assistance.

Always on your side,

John Phoenix
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replied September 23rd, 2012
Quit Smoking

Smoking is bad for your health. Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body. Cigarette smoking causes 87 percent of lung cancer deaths. Stop smoking aids are among the effective techniques that one can use to crush their nicotine addiction. However, as they say, what works for some may not work for everyone. One of the best products that I have ever come across to quit smoking is Nicorette Gum and I believe in that product because today with the help of that I have quit smoking and from past six months I have not got a single craving...
Thanks and Cheers to Nicorette and its Quit smoking Products.

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replied July 5th, 2012
I'm not sure how i should reply on this one. But I suggest you keep your mind on the present and not the cravings. Also DO NOT use Niquitin i have found this makes the Human Brain think about the cigarette more therefore tempting you to have one. I personally think that Niquitin just gives you a better crave as i was a smoker myself once.
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replied July 29th, 2012
Experienced User
hmmm i think many of guys do feel this way that they cant quit smoking and they simpl wanna die from it. but it is not an intelligent move at all.mean this life is a gift of God to us and we shouldnt be wasting this valuable gift in this way. it is worth living, if not for urself then at least for others that are dependant on ya and who love ya from the core of their hearts!

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replied October 18th, 2012
Well i tried the e cigarette myself and find it good as an emergency. But i prefer my gums now but in the future i don't want anything anymore.

I have also a support site about quit smoking.
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replied December 16th, 2012
I LOVE to smoke and felt the exact same way. Just like you e-cigs are the only thing that saved my life. I highly recommend that anyone who loves to smoke as much as I do use e-cigs as a compromise. These are the best I have found. Do NOT buy cheap crappy convenience store e-cigs they have broken repeatedly when I used them and shot goodness knows what kind of horrible tasting liquid into my mouth. Horrible! These are the best!
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replied October 17th, 2014
I have mentioned this to a lot of my friends and they have had the same success as me. The only thing that has worked ( and I have tried them all! ) is the e-cig. I have weaned myself off the nicotine infused juice and now just puff on the flavoured juice ( occasionally ) If nothing else works try it. Your health is the most important thing you posses!
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