So I am joining this forum because I have been dealing with some issues for years now(10+) and I am not too sure how to handle them anymore.

I have been dating this woman for over 12 year. She has never been great with money. She lies about paying her bills and we have lost 2 apartments so far and are on the verge of being kicked out of a friends house because she refuses to not only stop spending to pay her bill but to save to get our own place. She does nothing but complain about being here, how the friend and his daughter treats her(which in that part we see eye to eye on and both feel we are being treated badly) but when I say we need to work together and save to get our own place I am simply told "I know" but as soon as she has any money she spends it all and claims she has no clue where it went. I have tried many different things to curb this issue. First, I tried to give her an incentive pay her bill by promising her if she managed to pay them on time 4 months in a row I would buy her a Marc Jacobs or Louis Vuitton purse. Did not work. Then I tried weekly having her money sent to my bank account and daily(if not every few days) letting her now what was in the account and what was purchased; if anything; with is. Since the money was going into a account I didn't use as often it meant that the majority of the money going in was hers. That lasted less than a month when a check that had no cleared yet was not available and in the middle of the bank she started yelling that I was stealing her money(which did not go over too well for me). More recently I have tired have part of her paycheck go to an account only she has access to(for her to spend on whatever) and the rest go into a second bank account under her name that I had the debit card for. So how did that go?. She would go out of her way every payday to empty out the bank account.

She recently lost her job and now I am the only steady income coming in. She is on unemployment but once again she has spent all of it. So now the rent is due, the bills are due, and it is falling on me to take care if it all. Which if I do I will have to not pay my credit cards(which I ran up last year taking care of her when she was out of work for medical reasons) and walk to work because I won't be able to afford transportation.

I worry that I am being finically abusive by saying she should not have any access to money and needs to account for every penny she is spending and has spent. I am also worried that because of her spending and unwillingness to save we will end up homeless because I can't cover everything by myself and I can't afford to get use a place myself because all the money I had saved has go towards paying bills, rent, and food since she lost her job. Does anyone have any advice?
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