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I don’t know if it’s hypoglycemia, but it’s the first thin

I was standing in line at Walmart
and I got rly hot n started sweating (even tho they keep it freezing in there 25/Cool.
My hearing went out and it sounded like I was underwater, then my vision got blurry and I started to see black dots
and then the black dots just all merged until my vision was completely gone and I had to sit down and wait for it to come back. it took about 5-6 seconds for my vision to come back but it was still blurry for about a minute after

The whole “episode” lasted abt 8 minutes (starting with the sweating and ending with getting my vision back)

standing/walking after that was hard until I shoveled down 2 honey buns and some Coca-Cola so I’m guessing it was just super low blood sugar?? but idk I’ve never had a problem with my blood sugar, I just know the symptoms because my best friend struggles with it. I’m planning on going to a clinic soon, I just want to know what I could possibly be facing.
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