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I don't know, but I think I have depression.

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It feels like I'm stuck on a round-a-bout and it feels as though if I jump off, I would cause more damage. I am known for being a follower and I hate my life. The only thing that is stopping me from suicide is this boy who hates me and the fact that it would really hurt. I cut skin off my legs often but that doesn't hurt. I can't go to the doctors about it because my mum thinks that I'm being silly. I have felt like this since I was 9, so i doubt that this is a faze. I just need someone to talk to.
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replied November 19th, 2015
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Hey I'm sorry that you feel this way. If you need someone to talk to this forum is open for you. We will listen and understand. Also I think you should try again and talking with your mother about how you feel. If she doesn't listen then go and talk with your school or guidance counselor, they are the next best thing you can get. They are just like psychologist and they would sympathize with you and take you seriously. You're very young and you have a lot of future ahead of you. you shouldn't be thinking about unnecessary thing such as suicide.
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