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I don't get it. I haven't got pregnant can I have a chance?

So I started my period on the 24th of April and yes me and my boyfriend had sex during it, one day we had sex in the shower the way we had it was different I can't really explain in but when I finished which was on the 29th I caught a cold and I'm a person who gets hot fast but lately I've been cold and I'm having cramps like I do when I'm on my period and I still have a stuffy nose. Yes I've had unprotected sex with my boyfriend for more then a year now and noting.. I don't know why I haven't got pregnant can I have a chance?
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replied May 6th, 2016
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In order to get pregnant, you have to have sex at the right time in your cycle. Normally that is from about 3 days before you ovulate until the day after you ovulated. With a bit of luck, sperm from as long ago as 5 days can fertilize your egg when you ovulate.

Normally your period is at the very opposite of your ovulation. You have the least chance of getting pregnant the week before your period or during your period. That does not mean that it is impossible. Sometimes we ovulate at odd times. But it does mean that it is highly unlikely that period sex will get you pregnant.

There can be many causes for infertility. Some on your side, some on his side. If you are sure you are having regular sex during your fertile window and you have been trying for at least a year, it is time to see your doctor.

Best of luck!
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