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i do not have any symptoms except getting sleep, headache..

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Am i pregnant?
HI......I have missed period for 12 days and the pregnancy test is still negative does it mean that i am pregnant? and i do not have any symptoms except getting sleep n headache.....during my first child ....or i have to wait for few days please let me know with urgent reply
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replied July 15th, 2012
Most OTC pregnancy tests won't test positive until you're 4 weeks pregnant. My suggestion is go to a doctor or to a local clinic like Planned Parenthood if you have one around you. There are some OTC tests that claim they can detect the pregnancy hormone up to 5 days before your missed period, but it all depends on the amount of hormone already in your body. Some women have taken pregnancy tests days before they give birth or right after they have and still don't show positive OTC pregnancy test results. Your best option is to go to your doctor if you have real reason to believe you're pregnant.
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