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I didn't wash my hands, could I be pregnant?

Me and my boyfriend were fooling around, and I gave a him a hand job, meaning I had pre cum on my hands. Afterwards we watched movies for a bit and then I went to the toilet. I didn't wash my hands before going to the loo and I might have touched my lips down there, and because I was on my period, I sorted out a period pad.. Because I didn't wash my hands before going to the loo, could I be pregnant?
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replied November 27th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

No, you cannot get pregnant thay way. There is no way.

First, if you were currently mensturating, you are very, very unlikely to be fertile. Women are fertile in the middle of their cycle, between periods, when the ovary releases the egg.

Also, even though it only takes one sperm to actually fertilize the egg, it takes millions to break down the protective barrier around the outside of the egg (the corona). Sperm are also not very hardy, they do not live outside the body for very long.

So, you would have to have millions of sperm find their way from your hand to the opening of your vagina. Then, they would have to swim all the way up the vagina and find the cervical opening. They would then have to get through the cervix and swim all the way across the uterus to find a Fallopian tube. Since only one egg is usually released each month, the sperm would have to choose the correct tube that contained the egg this month (a 50-50 chance). Then the sperm would have to go up the Fallopian tube to meet up with the egg.

Thus, there is no way for a young lady to get pregnant from touching some pre-ejaculate and then maybe touching her external genitalia (while on her period).

However, if you are not wanting to get pregnant, and you are now "fooling around", possibly becoming sexually active, get some protection. Don't wait till you get caught up in the moment and end up having unprotected sex. Get on some birth control pills, or get some condoms to have handy. It is not worth the risk of an unwanted pregnancy.

Good luck.
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