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I didn't see any pre ejaculation , Pregnant?

so yesterday me and my boyfriend were at his house making out for a bit and we got more into things . Then we both ended up naked , I was on top of him rubbing up on his penis , but we never actually had sex or he didn't actually go in me . After a while , he got a condom and put it on just in case he actually went in me . He never did , but I was still always on top of him just rubbing up on him . He got on top of me , and rubbed his penis on my vagina , but what I worry about the most is that we don't remember if he had the condom on when he did it or not . After we finished I went home , and I kept over thinking everything . I read than when a guy pre ejaculates there might be left over semen from the previous time and if he urinates it can exist the urethra . The last time he masturbated was on Friday , and I'm pretty sure he went urinate Saturday morning . Or Friday night . Before he put on the condom , I didn't see any pre ejaculation , but because it's clear im not so sure , but if I touched his penis it would of been sticky or whatever . Guys can't really feel when they pre ejaculate . And he said he didn't , that he would of felt his penis wet . But I'm so paranoid about this . He never went in me . I couldn't even Rub up on his penis as much because everything was so dry . But if he did pre ejaculate can I come out pregnant ? I'm really paranoid about this , but idk if it's out of guilt .
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replied May 11th, 2015
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Isabel, you are overthinking this. There wouldn't be pre-cum left over from the day before. Start thinking ahead because you are a few short weeks from going all the way and you need to be properly prepared. Are his condoms inside the use-by date and being properly stored? When you get some lubricant make sure it is the approved kind from the same place in the pharmacy. Read up on "fertile window" and use those days to go to the movies instead. GL!
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