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I cut myself all the time and can't stop

Hi I am really depressed all the time so I started to scratch myself on purpose to make red marks. I didn't see this as self harm so I ignored the fact that I was always doing it

After doing this for about a month I suddenly upgraded to cutting instead. It gave me a buzz and relief from all the stress and depression. It was almost a release. I don't do them very deep but it is still cutting and they are deep enough to scar.

The thing is I just can't stop doing it. I have tried. I even got a self help guide to stop and tried everything in it but I am so weak willed that I always go back to cutting. I want to stop but I don't have enough willpower to stop. I am not looking for attention but I wanted to get this of my chest. I booked an immediant session to see the counsellor but I am afraid that she will not believe me when I say I can't stop.

It is almost like an addiction. I am going to continue even though it is damaging my health and need to stop. I cut myself everyday about 6 times daily. As you have guessed it has gotten beyond a joke. It wasn't a joke in the first place. I got so depressed that I suddenly thought of hurting myself for being such a pathetic, worthless failure.

My Dad thinks I am suicidal but this is not true. I do want to die but I wouldn't try to kill myself. I am no attention seeker either. I am just a girl that can't stop cutting myself.

The only thing that stops me cutting is being with my friends. But I can't be with them all the time. They have college and stuff to do. I don't want to keep pestering my friends anyway. I don't see what they like about me at any rate. I try to keep myself occupied but at the end of the day I find myself cutting myself. I have tried to move all the sharp objects from my bedroom but I managed to cut myself with paper. See I am really bad.

Can you suggest anything to help me stop. Please. I am not looking for attention I just want help. My mum says I should get help for my cutting and I really need help. Thank you. Sad
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replied May 16th, 2008
i think being at the rate you say it is, there really isnt anything anyone can say to you to make you stop. theres something inside of you that you have to find that will make you stop. i used to do it and one of the main things that made me stop was realizing how useless is was and how bad it looked. i didnt do it out of depression or for attention (i never really talked about it with anyone), i just did it because i could and because i was used to it. maybe you should try occupying yourself with a hobby or a job or some sort of extracurricular activity-- im not sure how old you are-- but you need to gain confidence and find some outlet for your stress besides cutting. also you might wanna see a therapist. your saying that you want to die is scary even if you dont plan on killing yourself. im not saying youre crazy, im just saying you probably need to talk to someone, you need to find out what makes you do this and maybe then you can figure out how to stop it. good luck!
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replied May 16th, 2008
i cant tell you how to stop or anything. if i knew we would both be better off. i just wanted to let you know you are not alone. ive been doing it for 5 years. its hard. i did finally maniage to get to where i dont do it as often though. but i still cant stop completely. so your not alone. that should make you feel a little better
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replied June 4th, 2008
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When i was looking for other ideas to stop my cutting i looked up web sites to find other aspects to make it less risky and i found out that u can draw lines on the area u want to cut or put a elastic band on ur wrist and ping it wen u want to cut..None of these helped me so hopefuly they wil for u .
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replied August 31st, 2008
elastic bands dont help
not for me anyway iam 26 and
aparantly iam late for a cutter
but i have drank for years and iam tired
i wanna die sooooooooooooooooooo bad
everyday is a struggle to stay; alive
iam not trying to make anyone feel bad
i just wana go sooooooooooooo bad
iam already dying from liver disfunction
and iam always cold and i came to this town for help
and people are mean here
iam so lost
so unbelievably lost
i wanna die
but iam scared its gonna hurt
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replied June 19th, 2011
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Hey, call your local mental health services. u can call any public health department and they can help u to get to the right people.
what is this is just a chemical imbalance in your brain?
u may be surprised that medications can make a huge difference but don't self medicate (u have already tried that)
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replied August 5th, 2013
I am going to help you if you listen to me, okay?

First you need to get a grip.
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replied August 5th, 2009
ive just started cutting myself with the scissors there not heavy cuts they look like bad burns but they do scare. I do it when someone's upset me and I cant find any other way to release the stress and pain. Ive found myself doing it alot recently as my ex husband cheated on me and since found out my boyfriend has been flirting and chatting to other woman on msn like my ex did I cant deal with the pain. he keeps telling me its just harmless flirting but I know theres more to it than that. cutting is the only way to take away the pain I have been through recently.
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replied August 5th, 2009
Some of you really aren't helping, you're just trying to relate. All you're doing is providing more ideas and talking about yourselves.

Throw away all of your razors or other produts you use to cut that serve no other purpose to you.

If you have scissors,
hide them in a place where someone in your household may ask "What are you doing with those?"
Since you've mentioned your father knows,
leave them with him.
same with knives or whatever else you can't just throw away.
This may be a way for your mind to be "embarrassed" and to condition it to want to stay away from that "embarrassing situation."

Your will power on the hand,
is a hard thing to tame.
You need to try your hardest to just walkaway.
And when you walk away(literally),
go straight to a public place.
It seems to me that when you're not surrounded by others,
is when you get the urge.
(Of course it's a better idea to just go to a friends house, but this is just incase none are available at the time)

I'm sorry if this is confusing!
But I just wanted to get these ideas out to as soon as possible!

You just need to take that bit of will power and harvest it!

Keep us updated! Very Happy
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replied August 5th, 2009
Mayling-cutting isn't the answer..cutting is just adding more problems to your life..

sheeshjackie-has a point that being around others would make it harder for you to self injure..

You do need to see your doctor..You are saying cutting is the only way to take the hurt away..Talking is a very good solution..Promising another not to hurt yourself and doing other things is important..

You are comparing your ex husband and boyfriend as you say they both did/do the same thing talk with other women on msn..Honey talk with your BF and let him know how much this stresses you..Talk with your doctor too..If your BF continues and does not respect your wishes to quit then you will have to decide what road you are going to take..Stay and put up with it or move on..I'm sure someone else will come along and give different advice but I am looking at this because of the cutting..

You need to be better to yourself-no one else can do this except you..Look yourself in the mirror and toughen up..Put on your makeup and smile..Your heart knows that you are worth more and that you can move forward..Give yourself a chance..You are hurting right now and you feel the cutting tries to take you away from the hurt but it doesn't really work as you have the scars ontop of everything else..Look at your arms, stomach where-ever you are cutting and realize you are giving this man too much power over you and you are allowing it to hurt you..
Get help honey..You need and deserve a better life for you! k
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replied February 15th, 2010
omg!! i am doing the same thing you said u started off with...i scratch myself just to see it get red...i dont have enough guts to use a blade but its starting to become a good idea..i do it more and more frequent when im depressed or something stressful or big i turning into a cutter??? i cant stop...because i feel like all my problems are draining out of me when it turns red..i fight with myself telling myself that if i use a blade i will get serious injury..but everyday it sounds like a better and better idea...someone??
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replied June 18th, 2011
pens or sharpies?
ive also cut myself, i have sevral scars on my arms. i do kind of regret it, i have to wear hoodies all the time or long sleeves or bracelts, i cant really help doing it. i dont want mmy parents to find out. my advice would be instead of picking up the object that your goinng to cut with, pick up a sharpie or pen and draw on your arm instead to release stress or emotions xx
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replied July 30th, 2013
I need help
hi I get depressed all the time and I started to just started finding sharp object and cutting myself it started like like almost like 5 months ago I asked my friends fir help but they couldn't help its gotten worst I go all the way up both my arm and I just dont know wgat to do please help
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