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i cured my TMJ with hard work and belief!

sorry for my bad english i'm a brazilian and i suffer from tmj from the last 2 years , i tried many therapies but after spend 1 year just looking and thinking into a solution i realize a formula that works for me:

first: anxiety: most of the people who have tmj is very anxious, i read a lot of books talking about how JUST ANXIETY can make pain in your face, so this is the main treatment that works well. i begin taking clonazepam small doses and the pain decreases like 95% , it was ridiculous good i couldn't believe myself. BUT the pessimists will say: '' ahhh , i tried this but didn't work , there is no cure , i'm cursed forever with this never ending pain , i hate life '' well, in my case i used anxiety med + splinter ONLY BEFORE SLEEP and the most important : my head need to let go the pain. if you think about pain 24 hours a day how you i'll get rid of ?

you have to train yourself to let go the pain when doing the treatment, i'm 23 years old it was so hard to deal with but today i have no pain.. i have some quiro too so my cure was all together: anxiety med + splinter before sleep + quiro + meditation ( train myself to let go the pain ) today i have no pain i can chew hard things ( i shoudn't lol ) and sometimes we think there is never a solution but if you are A TRUE WARRIOR, you i'll find. just put in your head, no matter what , I WILL FIND THE AWNSER TO YOUR TREATMENT EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO TRAVEL THOUSANDS OF MILES TO SEE ONE DOCTOR OR WHATEVER, WE ARE IN 2013 THERE ARE PLENTY OF THINGS TO DO.

i will not lie, sometimes i thought about giving up because this road was too hard, but my will to live is BIGGER, THE PAIN CAN'T DEFEAT ME AND CAN'T DEFEAT YOU...

i made it , i have no pain today, so why can't you?

i just put into my mind: i don't want to get rid of pain, I NEED TO, NO MATTER WHAT, I WILL, IMPOSSIBLE ITS JUST A WORD THAT I NOT ACCEPT.

good luck too all and remember : anxiety is the tmj poison lol =)
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First Helper iuribb

replied March 21st, 2014
Hello, so glad you are well Smile Can I ask what type of splint did you use and when you say 'quiro' do you mean chiropractor? Thanks Smile
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