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I couldn't sleep at night,even though I'm tired by work

This is Andrea Amber.I couldn't sleep at night, sometimes it continues for two weeks....The worst part is I couldn't feel sleepy daytime too.I've consulted with a doctor, they gave me some sort of sleeping medicine......but it didn't work so fruitfully....what can I do for that?? N, B,: I've changed medicine thrice & done some blood test also.
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replied June 5th, 2017
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Hard to say from just the info you provided. But I would say you should continue to work with your doctor.

And in the meantime you can help yourself by setting and keeping a consistent sleep-wake schedule, especially a consistent wake time. Allow no more time in bed than you normally need, do not try to add in more time in bed to "catch up" on lost sleep. And minimize or eliminate napping.

Also try to get some good exercise most every day, and avoid any caffeine in any form after about mid-day.
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