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I Cant help but feel sad

Im tired Of cutting my wrist ,of feeling hurt,down,,miserable,Im tired of crying myself to sleep..Im tired of being that high achiever,that girl that does everything right,the one who pleases her parents and gets hurt ...Im tired,im sick,i just want to die..
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replied July 29th, 2013
Tired, a simple word with heavy meaning. Life gets hard, sometimes we feel we are left with no option. we just want everything to end, we cry ourselves to sleep hoping we never wake up, or hoping none of it ever happened. I am too tired, i can honestly say i see no future, i see no life ahead. I hope and wish for everything that has happened to magically go away, maybe not today, or tomorrow, maybe it will be soon, maybe it will not. But, you can't lose hope, hope is the only thing that keeps many of us,like myself.. alive.. please dont give up.Maybe other people might not care, i dont even know you but i can say that i do care, You are a high achiever not for your parents. but for yourself. Because one day all that work you put in to achieve benefited you. and your life will go on.
dont give up
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