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I cant go on living like this can I? I need some advice.

For years now I have tried to end my life I just cant go on wish I could but I cant I hate it how everyone just thinks that I fine because I have a smile on my face I feel like no one cares. I feel like no one wants me in their life and no body likes me. It sounds silly I know but its how I feel. Also I just wish they did something when they found out and when I told them but nothing happened he is still walking around the streets without a care in the world. I feel like no matter how many times I try to forget it always seems to come back. i'm only 17 I should have a life by now and not always thinking whats behind me who is behind me, is any one following me. this isn't normal is it. I don't get why I am feeling like this or what triggered these memories off. I have tried to kill my self so many times and I have also self harmed as well I cant go on living like this can I. I need some advice. Please help me.
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replied June 19th, 2013
My best advice for you would be open communication with others. Confront loved ones, e.g. close friends/family and be very upfront and direct with them on how you are feeling at this point in time.

We can't expect others to know there is something wrong with us on plain sight. It's the same when you walk past another person in public. They may seem perfectly quaint and happy, but only the Lord knows what difficulties and anxieties they are experiencing.

Life isn't easy friend. We all have our tribulations to bear. What differentiates us is how resilient we are when we endure them.

If you find you are still feeling like this, consult a psychologist or counsellor. They will kindly communicate with you to discern the roots of your tension and how to resolve it.

God Bless and good luck friend!
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