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I can't get over my girlfriends past and I feel horrible

Hi, so I am a girl btw.

So here's a brief story of my girlfriend and I.

First off, we met in my junior year in high school and were best friends. She also started to date a guy when we just became friends. I know this guy. I never liked him.

So they didn't have p to v sex but she gave him a hand job and he fingered her. The only reason I know that is because I was told during a big sleepover party. (At the time I didn't like her the way I do now.) Long story short she has some experience with this ONE guy and has several moments with other guys that are not as bad but all for attention. She admits to doing all of that for attention and not being herself, but to this day (we are both 21 btw) I can't get over it. We recently started dating about 2 years ago. (I don't know the date because we made it sooooo complicated) we have a lot of misunderstandings on how things started between us but overall we know what we want now. We want to be together forever and ever.

Oh and another thing; I'm a virgin. STILL

I do sexual things for her because I want to make love with her and show her my love for her. But sometimes I have trouble holding onto the excitement abd everything because I remember the stories and her past of bad friends and attention seeking. While I saved myself for someone special. (Cheesy I know.) I know we all make mistakes and have flaws, believe you me I am woooo, aware of THAT! But it's hard to give myself up to her without thinking (those hands touch a boys penis of whom I know and sometimes bump into.) she told me before that she regrets it and that it wasn't real but at the time she believed it was because she was like me and wanted something special. In a way I see myself in her shoes and I don't want that for me. But I know her and I are going to do well. We already are and we always had that click! That kind of vibe to eachother that says..... I'm yours and you are mine to be with forever. But... it got ruined with someone else's privates! Joking (in a way). Overall I want to get this out of my head and be able to grow and finally move on. Because I'm sure their are other people who have sex and it's not like it's a bad thing. It's normal. But it hurts to know she wasted such a moment for herself on a guy who broke up with her to go have sex with some random a month later. Idk. I guess I'm old fashion. I would like advice please! (No science stuff it freaks me out, I'm not religious either.)
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replied August 17th, 2017
Girlfriend not a virgin
The science is correct. The grieving boyfriends are correct. And I have FORTY YEAR Experience! You will never get over the fact that your girlfriend (wife) slept with (or even kissed) other men. It's in our value system, our culture, and DNA (Like it or not or despite modern fads that try to say "get over it.") ADVICE THAT YOU NEED is get out!! Even if you "love" her. Love her enough to part. I wish I'd gotten this advice a long time ago. THE PAIN DOESN'T QUIT. Yes. That's the reason for the religious warnings. Yes. That's STDs VD. Yes, it's insecurity. YES. That's the way it is!!! Don't waste your life trying to fit the round reality into their square fad! Good luck and blessings!!
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