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I am a 21 yr old female from Scotland and for most of my life I have been told I have bad mood swings, and I think for most of it I and other people thought i was just a moody person.
However in the last year or so I have noticed a big change in my mood swings.
One day I can feel totally normal, totally fine, do things I enjoy, go out with friends, can talk to people normally and engage in conversation with great 'chat', then I can change to not wanting to be around anyone, wanting to me on my own, getting very upset and crying for no reason at all, veryy irritable and aggitated, and picking little arguements with friends & family. The other week I was in work and ended up being given a disciplinary due to my outburts of insults towards my supervisor. I also have done on a few occasions not been able to get out of my bed for hours on end, and ended up not being able to go out of the house, stayed in my pajamas all day, cant pick what I want to wear. Can sleep for hours and I am constantly tired and have no energy. And then a day or even a few hours later I can feel on top of the world, cant stop talking about things that dont really have any point to them, having great ideas and business abmitions, wanting to apply for university again, wanting to move abroad, wanting to be around everyone, wanting to go out and party, feeling confident, and feeling great about myself, my self esteem can feel like its booming. I cant sit still, moving and dancing, singing around the house, during the day or even very late at night, no need or want to go to sleep. To then feeling fine and normal, to then again feeling great to then feeling down about myself. These feelings and moods seem to change on a daily bases and most of all I have noticed it can change within hours. I have even been drinking before work because I cant face it sober to then constantly buying clothes and ordering things online, using my card to constantly buy things when I clearly do not have the money. People have noticed the way in which I spend money but I always say and think 'well you only live once, u got to enjoy what you want while you can'.

I thought this was me being me and didnt think anyhing of it until recently one of my close friends revealed to me that she suffers from a mild form of Bipolar. I had no clue what this was, until she told me about it.
She had noticed my mood changes at work and also out with work and sat down with me own night and asked me to tell her how I felt. A tad drunk and a bit down I told her how I struggled to even bring myself out to her house (for the girly night we were having with some friends) and I told her about how I feel when I feel normal and when I feel a bit over happy and excited. She told me this could be what she has and told me to go see about it. But what I have explained, can it be Bipolar? Since she told me about it, I have read up about it and from what I've read people who suffer from bipolar disorder, there moods seems to be very dramatic, and seem each 'episode' of feeling high and feeling low seems to last for days or weeks on end. Is my friend correct in saying that there is a mild form of bipolar and if so can mood swings change within such a short space of time ie hours?
I would appreciate if someone can help me out with this and give me somr information and guidance, and if so what should I do and what should I say to get help?
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replied March 13th, 2012
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There are several types of bipolar disorder, actually. Having the cycles but without the real extremes could indicate bipolar II. Rapid cycling is also not necessarily dependent on which type you might have.

That said, you really are showing some classic symptoms. I'd suggest starting out by talking to your regular doc, s/he should be able to help you find the appropriate treatment. If you're not sure how to talk to your doc, there's a number of good sites with advice on just such things, you might stop by the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance site, they have good information many bipolar related topics.
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