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I believe I have TMJD

I have a big problem that has been frustrating to no end.

A little more than a year ago I starting feeling a grinding at the left side of my jaw (around the joint to the skull) when I open my mouth. At first I didn't really worry about it because I thought it'd go away. Months passed and then it was winter and then my jaw started to feel a big horrible pain when I was outside in the cold. It hurt so much I thought that I needed to see the doctor. So I went and asked him what he thought. He asked me if I grind my teeth and I said that in the daytime I might here and there but when he asked if my jaw was painful in the morning (indicating nocturnal bruxism) I said no it didn't. He said he wasn't very experienced in the area and since I wasn't very wealthy I really couldn't afford a specialist. He suggested that I maybe just try and be aware of the grinding during the day and at night wear a sports mouth guard. I did both those things except I felt that it was just getting worse.

I eventually bit the bullet and went to the dentist. The dentist looked at my x-rays and felt around my jaw and said that my jaw dislocated when I opened it except I should probably go to a specialist. I saved up some money and went to the specialist and he looked at my x-rays and felt around my jaw and proceeded to say that it is possible my jaw has not been able to grow to accommodate my wisdom teeth and I could get them pulled out (at hundreds upon hundreds of dollars a tooth). I left and thought that I didn't really want to spend so much on such a big procedure because of a "possible reason". I later went to his website and it seemed that pulling out wisdom teeth is all he does so I couldn't help but ask if he was doing this because he really thought this would help or because he was saving up for his second condo.

Later on I went back to the dentist and told them what the specialist said except the dentist said that there's absolutely nothing wrong with my wisdom teethe except for the bottom left one still hasn't fully come out yet (I'm 23) and the area looked a little inflamed so perhaps I should take some anti-inflammatorys and wash the area with salt water. She also suggested that if I continue to wear the mouth guard at night and watch my grinding it will all go away. Months later and it just seems to be getting worse. I am so sick of these "professionals" having guess work at this thing which is driving me absolutely mad. Not only is it painful but when I eat there's a horrible constant grinding sound which is maddening and also when I walk there is a clicking sound that is in rhythmic sync with my walking around the same area as the grinding tick tick tick tick as I walk. Very very frustrating.

Does anyone have anything to say that might help me in any way at all? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks (and sorry for the long post)
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