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I Believe I have a Leg Hernia ?

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I have a bulge in the center of each of my legs, it swells, and numbs when I stand for a long period of time, when I walk, and the numbness spreads to my foot and a hot pain follows when I run or put any kind of pressure on it. The best way i can describe the pain is like when you sit on your leg for a long period of time and it has the numbing tingling feeling but with a hot ice running down from the center of your leg to your foot it is not pleasant. I am a cheerleader and i'm training to be a college cheerleader, my doctor didn't know what to diagnose me with but she said that the only option is to have surgery and if i do then i will lose feeling to my both of my legs. Now as a cheerleader and athlete in both track & field and tennis, i was devastated by her news. I looked more into it and as far as i know its a leg hernia or a fascial muscle hernia but i'm not sure. If what she said is true does that mean i will be paralyze? will i be able to walk and run? or will i walk funny or on a crutch of wheel chair? i am running out of time and the pain is increasing, now the bulge seems to appear when i'm not even active. If somebody can please give me more information, or relate to my story and tell me of their experience or symptoms i would greatly appreciate it.
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