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I am worried about the counter effect on my sexual overacts%u202

I am 33 years old single male form an IT city
I have a cousin sister Bhavana (name changed) who is in her Final year graduation. and we used to discuss all the matters among us. We respect each other. She had fall in love with on of her collage mate (I too was unaware about this relation) she had done financial favour to that guy without any ones notice from the family. This act has caught by her mother and all the family members’ turns against her. I held a helping hand by console her and convince her consequences of such relation. And, she was very comfortable with me. And then she used to tell all her worries, doubts, day to day college matters (including old stories), and proposals from the mates etc… And even I used to tell all the matters relating to me. Accidentally, I had forced to tell her about my puberty or teen age sex experience with elder cousin sister and forced to explain all the matters relating to sex like getting puberty, masturbating (how this activity done by male and female), what is condom, how to use, sex tools for girls, sex portals, sex health portals etc..etc… She was comfortable with so far and clarifying all her doubt about sex. And she told me that so far she was an innocent girl and now learned about this ugly and sinful process. I convinced her that this is not an ugly or sinful act and this is an unavoidable thing in every ones life. And this conversation made me sexually aroused and exited. And I told her that I had sexually aroused twice before due to her act or touch. Finally, I offered her to see my erected and pre-cum leaking penis. She was not expected this move and not accepted too… I tried to hold her to convince that this move has happened because of sexual excitement and forget this move. I also apologize. But, I am not sure whether she understood the situation. I want her as my lovely sister. Please help me. I am deeply worried.
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replied October 13th, 2013
Extremely eHealthy
While it could be entirely natural for a couple of younger people to talk together as you did with your cousin but it seems very unusual that a 33 year old man would be instructing his younger female cousin about sexual matters; unusual but not necessarily inappropriate if you never forget you are in a position of trust and do not allow yourself to be overcome with lust.

Young inexperienced women will usually recoil from the sight or even the thought of a penis when they are not aroused. This is partly natural modesty and partly learned inhibitions. When a young woman becomes aroused after being kissed, cuddled and petted her inhibitions begin to fall away and she becomes receptive to sexual things.

From your description you have given her lots of things to think about, some of which might sound rather fantastic to her. She has much to think about and you should have given her time to think about these things before offering to prove the reality of what you told her.

Clearly someone needs to inform her about sex, reproduction and infection if she didn't already know (difficult to believe) and was toying with you or playing a game with you. A girl of sexual maturity should not be ignorant of such things. If you think of her as your sister it would not be appropriate for you to demonstrate any practical things about sex unless she asks you to and then you must be very careful to avoid any and all physical contact.

Your lack of sensitivity might have offended her and her offence might have alienated her - only time will prove this one way or the other.
If she has any doubt that sex is a natural outlet for human emotion and an expression of love and a necessary function of human reproduction she can do little better than browsing the many posts of this site and perhaps asking any questions she has.

In due time when she has a boyfriend she loves she will undoubtedly think differently about sexual things. Meanwhile perhaps you should find a girlfriend of your own.

Good luck!
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