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I am worried about myself?

I am 17, weigh 147 and am 5'6. I have been trying to eat 800 calories or less a day, because I wanna weigh 110. But if i ever eat, like a lot, like i just ate a bag of popcorn, i throw it up.....this is only the second time it has happened though.

I know, i am not anorexic because I am eating usually around 800 cals, and I am not bulimic either. But i dont wanna become either of those...(but at the same time in the verrrrrrrrrrrrry back of my head i wouldnt completely mind having the willpower to be anorexic)ugh idk what to do.

I hate being fat :'(

And all i ever feel like doing is sleeping. Idk, I just feel sad and hopeless.
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replied January 19th, 2011
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Hi Princess08881....Go on a controlled diet...You are really on too few calories now...Add some exercise and stay with it...Forget about the throwing up...This is something that can easily work its way into an unforgiveable act that is hard to break....Don't mess around with it...

I think you will feel better once you have found the right amount of food to eat and still loose a couple of pounds...Your really not too far off now...Take care...

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