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i am unable to orgasm during inercourse

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i cant seem to orgasm when me and my partner have intercourse.
i am worried because all of my friends have and i think there might be something wrong with me.
the only time i orgasm is through direct clitoris stimulation.
please help me because i am worried baffle
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replied February 17th, 2012
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Statistically at least some of your friends are lying to you. Or they are very very very lucky.

Do you orgasm when you masturbate? If you do, it is likely by rubbing your clitoris. During intercourse your clitoris is not getting that stimulation it needs.

The solution is to rub and grind to get your clitoris stimulated. If you have a small clitoral toy, take it to bed with you. Also make sure you have his penis inside you for long enough to take you through your sexual response cycle and bring you to orgasm.

Your primary sex organ is your clitoris, not your vagina. Your vagina is mostly devoid of nerve endings to prevent massive trauma during natural child birth. Instead, your clitoris got richly rewarded with over 8000 nerve endings. So that little bump that you an see and feel is more sensitive than anything else in your or his body.

Best of luck!
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