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I am scared to take pain pills.

Right now I'm in a lot of pain because I am a noob and I didn't wear my lower retainer for months and the teeth are shifting back too quickly.

I'm determined to wear the retainer though because my lower teeth became crooked. I just wish I wasn't scared to use any sort of pain medication.

I had the flu a while back and I made the mistake of taking an aspirin. I ended up with huge rashes all over my face, scalp, chest, arms, thighs, and feet. I also ended up throwing up so much that the stomach acid burned my throat and I started getting drops of blood mixed in with my vomit.

I vowed to never use a pain killer again but with pain comes a change of mind. What should I do? I don't know if age is really a factor or something but here are some basic things about me.

17 5'9 150 lbs.
I have an inhaler and I use Zyrtec nearly every day to combat light rashes and allergies.

I used other pain killers before my flu and never had those problems.
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replied August 20th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
hi, u r making an assumption which is not accurate;
so as to ASPIRIN, don't take it
but other pain meds such as Ibuprofen will work and not cause any problems, hydrocodone (need a dr/rx) works great, u can take Tramadol (dr/rx) I personally thinks it worthless but some like it.
u can try the product advertised ALEVE

as to your being in paid because u r NOOB, I don't know what that means but I'm 59 so probably not in your loop of slang.

U r obviously easily allergic so buy some probiotics at a vitamin store and take at least 10 billion cultures daily
. now is is allergy (many things or seasonal) or hayfever or asthma
. . good luck
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replied August 21st, 2011
I have no idea what you are trying to say. Your grammar is confusing. Thanks for trying though.
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