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I AM HIV FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am a model my name is Genny, i am from united Kingdom, i am 32 years of age This is Just a short note anyway, i just have a secret to share with all HiV Positive victims, to help them become normal in life again, what i have to say now is not meant to be shared publicly, i have to give everybody here a tip of ice bag, i am once a victim of HiV /Aids but i am totally ok now and become heal, contact me in my email and be blessed and get healed. its terrible being HiV positive i am understand all the turments, contact me here and i will let you know how i became totally free.

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replied January 4th, 2011
Hi Genny. I'd like to know the cure you are talking about. Please email me. Thank you^^
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replied January 30th, 2011
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hey are you joking?
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replied April 1st, 2012

well my story is this, two an a half mnths ago a sleept with 2 diffrent guys im a man.

the first one was with a condom y penetrate him and he did to me to but with a condom it dint

lasT for more than 15 min the funny part its that he put a anestesic creme in my but and the cream was his,

but before that with the same finger he put the cream on his butt to (THATS THE PROBLEM ) and my concern.

we dint kiss he gave me a blow job to without a condom he was a complete stranger.

the second one i penetreate him but he dint penetrate me i dint las for more than 5 min y use a condom

also he gave me a blow job whitout the condom, but i did use protection before penetrating him, we dint kiss

8 days later y get dirrhea but not chronic, crazy bowels, exesive gas , reflux , after a month all of that left

exept the diarrhea, and came another symptom i felt confused like i was gone pass out, dry mouth exesive hunger,abdominal pain allergie a little bit of asma ,my nervios system its crazy always chaky , i feel like c**p

ahh the limph node of My left arm got swollen a litte bit , my knees are weak sometimes hurts a little bit

i dont have fever rash night sweats , i did have a litte bit of sore throat yesterday and a tinny ulcer in my mouth but just a small one. im going crazy, the stress is worse tha the desease. im very scare i did one test 35 days after the possible infection it came negative, two weeks from now is the 3ER month test im stress out

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