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I am feeling the wrath of hypochondria-induced rabies (please re

Some background info you must know before reading my symptoms:
- I’m a 24-year-old male
- I exercise quite a bit, I train both lifting and cardio, and powerlift pretty hefty weights
- The former area I lived has low incidence of rabies
- I've been having these symptoms for the past 4 and a half weeks
- This whole fearmongering episode can be traced back to a 2-3 month old kitten I found on the side of the expressway over six weeks ago (October 21st). The animal was scared and was very flighty, which is where I incurred a somewhat deep bite from a single tooth on my left pointer finger as I was restraining her. I took her home and monitored her for two days before being able to take her to a vet. She was skinny, had a bit of diarrhea and a little respiratory infection, but was eating more than an adult cat would eat. She eventually warmed up to me within those two days and was following me around, enjoying pets and not acting weird aside from some diarrhea (mixed with solid poop). I would have adopted her if I didn’t have to move in the next two days since she required a lot of medical attention in order to recovery. According to the vet she had a fractured pelvis which is why I was able to catch her as easily as I did (and I assume why she was acting highly defensive at first when I caught her), she went on dewormer and antibiotics. After the move it was two weeks when I checked up on her- 16 days after I incurred the injury and apparently, she was doing well. I checked up again three more times after, and by week five at the vet she underwent surgery for her pelvis which turned out alright, so I know she is healthy since I last checked a week and a half ago. Ultimately the reason I didn’t want to report the bite was because I didn’t want to send a healthy animal to death and one that formed a bond with me in such a short time, and as it turns out she was healthy
- I have trust issues which sometimes makes me question if the people I talk to are telling the truth (and sometimes why there’s a slight backthought of skepticism regarding the vets telling me the kitten’s health status)
- I have clinical anxiety which can easily result in depression- was diagnosed with it since 7th grade
- My dog died on the day we moved to the new place from peritonitis (800 miles away from home), and adjustment has been somewhat awkward for us
- I keep telling myself the symptoms I’m feeling are not real and I talk to people about it, I’m worried it’s going to impact the relationship I have with my girlfriend, as if long distance isn’t bad enough and she’s so supportive of me even in this time
- I got a full series of the rabies vaccine 2.5 years ago
- The two diseases I was diagnosed with through this whole six and a half week rollercoaster according to three doctors are acute sinusitis which I received antibiotics for and temporomandibular joint disorder which I wear a bite plate and take muscle relaxants like keterolac and cyclobenzaprine
- I’m in a rut and await beginning grad school classes this spring, as I’ve been out of the work loop for quite a few months
- I had previous less overwhelming fears that I had early-onset dementia…. Coinciding from caring for my grandpa with that disease this same year which eventually overtook him- I figured my periods of forgetfulness were attributed to lack of sleep between work and caring for my grandpa. I assume this is where my hypochondria began
- Part of me is under the impression that every symptomatic week which goes by was a week of fabricating symptoms and the next week is the real deal.

Medical Story-
Weeks 1 through 2 post-bite (Oct 21 to Nov 3)-
- No symptoms
Week 3 (Nov 4 to Nov 10)-
- Vertigo (not simple dizziness) began and lasted for over a week
- Neck headaches were on and off but excruciating
- Fatigue
- Stuffy nose
- Visibly inflamed frontal sinuses
- Paresthesia affected general body initially, but as thought persisted focusing on this ailment, by day 5 it gradually worked its way from my core to a more concentrated location- from humoral region, to forearm region, and eventually hand, and then finally, the bite site on my left pointer finger- this ailment only occurs if I get caught up in the dreadful thoughts that a terminal disease like rabies can give a person
- Increase in anxiety
Week 4 (Nov 11 to Nov 17)-
- Vertigo disappears
- Headaches worsen
- Anxiety begins consuming me
- Paresthesia begins to become more persistent and in a more concentrated area of said bite site, however I still feel hints of it throughout my body at different times- still only ensues and overwhelms my thoughts if my mind gets swamped by thoughts of impending doom- this begins to become a scheduled thing, where it worsens most around 6 - 7pm and slowly peters out over time
- Sinuses less noticeably inflamed
- Mucus begins draining from my pharyngeal cavity
- Soreness in back of throat possibly postnasal drainage
- Jaw aches
- Throat tightness
- Panic attack in my sleep- heartrate didn’t go back to normal for two days
Week 5 (Nov 18 to Nov 24)-
- Very little symptoms
- Sometimes the occasional headache
- The week with the least amount of paresthesia, I went days without experiencing it because I got involved with my family for Thanksgiving- this was the happiest period for me
Week 6 (Nov 25 - Dec 1)
- Paresthesia returns due to me panicking about my left arm falling asleep when I woke up- my mind instantly jumped to it losing permanent nerve function
- Headaches begin to peter out as I continue to take muscle relaxers and use bite plates
- Still have postnasal drainage and mucus
- Soreness in throat comes and goes
Week 7 (Dec 2 - Now)
- Now I sometimes feel paresthesia in my mouth because the thought of not being able to swallow due to pain overwhelms me
- I currently have soreness in the back of my throat, and I’m not sure if that’s from postnasal drip or because I was frantic at dinner tonight and accidentally cut the back of my throat on a chip, but that triggered my mouth paresthesia as well

There are probably other symptoms I’ve missed, but it was difficult typing this. Whenever I think about rabies, I tremble in fear and my blood pressure hikes. I’m still taking my cyclobenzaprine for my muscle spasms but do not take antibiotics anymore as I ran out, and at this point I’m assuming this sinus infection is viral. I also am beginning to take buspirone again with my muscle relaxer. Again, the two diagnoses I’ve been walking around with are temporomandibular joint dysfunction and sinusitis. I think the sinusitis bight be a recurring chronic version as in the past few months I’ve had cold like symptoms come and go. The TMJ seems to have just gotten worse but I may have had it longer than I thought as I have been prone to waking up with neck headaches in the past, just less frequently. I’m also wondering since I have the rabies antibodies now, that some of the exacerbating versions of anxiety symptoms could be the antibodies fighting back at an absent disease, and why when I focus on my finger, I begin getting paresthesia. I am someone who has been in psychiatric help before, but since the move I haven’t been to one in a while and am in dire need to rid of this terrible looming cloud of anxiety that could be hypochondria. Before this year I never felt like this, now I feel like every day could be my last, always a mixture of fear and sadness.
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