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I am feeling sleepy all the time. I get 9h of sleep, eat healthy

I get 9h of sleep, eat proper diet, full of protein, vegetables and fruits, have reduced caffeine intake and tested negative for thyroid problems, anemia, depression, sleep apnea and narcolepsy.

So past 2.5 years I have been feeling very sleepy. It all started when I got into university. Because I had a lot to learn, during first 2 years I had to work up till late and got on average only 3-4 hours of sleep daily. Then my biological clock shifted and because of that I suffered from sleep paralysis. Then I wen to see my GP, who sent me to a neurologist. She prescribed 3 mg Melatonin before bedtime and it helped me a lot to avoid sleep paralysis. I recieved Melatonin for 20 days and during that time I also developed a good sleep habit- I spent 8 hours sleeping. After the treatment I no longer suffered from sleep paralysis that frequently, but my daytime sleepiness didn't imrpove.

Then there was a time when I didn't get enough sleep, until last summer, when I again returned to 8 hour sleep habit. For about a month nothing changed. I felt lack of energy, spent 3-4 additional hours sleeping during daytime and 8-9 hours at night. Then I checked my thyroid and had blood tests for anemia, but everything came out normal.

Then I went to see a sleep specialist. So they thought I had narcolepsy, which is characerized by increased daytime sleepiness and sleep paralysis, but also cataplexy. I spent a night in a sleep clinic and had EEG done at night. next morning I had another eeg test called multiple sleep latency tests and I tested negative for narcolepsy and for sleep apnea as well. After that the doctor told me to develop a better sleep habit, to get on average 9h night sleep, go to bed at the same time and wake up in the morning on the same time, reduce caffeine, and never sleep during the day. I have been doing that almost 2 month right now and still have no improvement. I feel drained up of energy, and feel like as if I need to be charged. I have poor attention as well because I think about sleeping all the time. I can't concentrate on my studies, can't even go out to exercise or meet friends, because as soon as I involve myslef in those activities, my tiredness ans sleepiness increases.

I also suffer from tinnitus which starts at night, dont know if it has anything to do with my sleep. And finaly I am intolerant to loud noises. I also don't suffer from deprssion. I feel inspired and full of ideas and plans to carry out, but my lack of energy and need for sleep takes all that away as I am unable to do many things. Please, if you have any suggestions what is happening to me, write in the comments. Thank you.
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replied May 16th, 2018
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The best person to help you will be a medical professional who examines you and has access to your complete medical history.

That said, I can say your worry about 'sleep paralysis' most certainly be let go safely. All of us get it, every night too. It's a normal part of the REM dream stage.

I wonder to what extent your tiredness is medical and if any of it could be a conditioned response. In other words a perception. A counselor might be able to help you with some cognitive methods to turn off that negative belief, if it in fact is underlying your issue.
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