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I am feeling guilty and feeling like to hide myself from myself

Hi,yesterday i scolded my girl friend and humiliated her in public place,i dont know the reason for my this behaviour,I was feeling hungry as i dint had anything from last 2 days,we were In KFC to hav something but as it was getting delayed in order,i becoming restless,i was hungry to such i extend that i want to eat from some1 else plate sitting nearby,after that it was my wired behaviour,now i having feeling like to hide myslf or to hurt myslf,bcuz i hearted her,i know i can control hunger for many days but what happed that tym i am not able to thing,i am feeling like i am beggar who can even eat remaing of food in other plates,i feeling very low,,,i am not able to convinc myself with any positive thoughts,i know she will lev me now,because everything was not going fine between us,i love her too much,but i am not able to show my love to her,i dont know what i want,i love her,i humiliated her,i am not this kind of person,den y dis thing happened to me,please help me,i m in pain
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replied January 11th, 2011
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Yes, you're in fault, even if you didn't mean to do this, she definitely didn't deserve this.
Say you're sorry for that, tell her you failed, buy her something nice or take her out. If you didn't mess up too bad, she'll forgive you. If she thinks you went too far, then you're pretty much screwed and you'll need to remember this as a lesson.

Also, why the heck would you quit eating for days? I bet that your hunger took over and that's why you got aggressive, but why even do this to yourself?
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