i wonder if u can help i am 27yrs old

i constantly feel angry all the time even at the smallest things there was an insident 5yrs ago that started my deppresion i would rather not say as it is personnal

i feel like this is taking over my life and feel like i cannot handle anything anymore i work part time but when am not at work that is when i feel the worst

i have been reciving antideppresants and they never seem to work tryed a few different ones and just feel like there is no helping me anymore i tryed counciling and hated it i just want to feel calm the way i use to i have a little boy and hate him seeing me upset all the time am not with his dad and am worried when he gets older he will not want to stay with me because of my moods.

i live with my boyfreid and i can see that he is getting fed up with me if cant handle it then how can he can u suggest any ablets that will help me be calm
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replied March 26th, 2009
Firstly, I'd just like to say i'm not a doctor Smile

But have you thought about taking up a couple of hobbies to help releive the pressure and keep yourself occupied. Maybe a sport or something?

Or even something that makes you feel good too, like going to the gym.

My old man had always used to get a bit stressed out at the smallest things but since he has lost a lot of weight he is much calmer, prob because he feels good about himself.

I'd also recommend telling your boyfriend that your aware of how you have been and that you are seeking advice to get help.

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replied March 27th, 2009
ye your prob right but i work from 11am o 3pm mon to fri then pick my wee boy up from school so not really alot of tym to go to gym and at the wknd i clean

and i am struggling with my weight as well just cant seem to lose any but am gonna have to try and make tym for me

i also have told my boyfreind that i know how i am being but theres only so much anyone can take

thanks ben for replying
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