I am a girl. I have felt like I have never had a real best friend all of my life. I know this is common, but it has always annoyed me because I felt like, for example, friends at school only used me for someone to hang around with during school but had other friends outside of school who they preferred. I have absolutely no hobbies, and nothing seems to interest me at the moment. i'm not able to get a job until after summer, so I havent really anything else to occupy my time. I'm just bored and sick of being lonely. I'm a bit introverted and also a little bit shy, but usually when I'm in the right situation, I can become friends with someone. Although, being an introvert, I'm not always longing for the company of others, I wish sometimes, there was someone I could talk to or someone to hang out with during the weekend. I have my GCSE's over the next few months, so when I tell my parents I'm bored, they usually just tell me to study, and while I am doing that, I kind of have to have some sort of a balance between work and free time.
I just feel like some of my friends love sports and playing musical instruments and the other half love going out to clubs and I am simply neither of those people. I'm sick of checking my phone and seeing a blank phone screen with no texts or notifications and at school someone slips out their phone and their screen is filled. After a while, it gets a bit disheartening.

The only thing I really do is use the internet but I feel so alone there as well. I just see all of the amazing things other people are doing with their friends and I just wonder when will I be able to do that. I even made some friends on the internet, but we just drifted apart and I've often tried to get back in contact but they don't reciprocate.

I just feel so lonely and I feel so useless. Can anyone help?
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replied March 16th, 2015
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Ng, Passed some blog u may want to look into:
http://ehealthforum.com/blogs/rabbimitch63 /random-kindness-b30288.html
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replied March 24th, 2015
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I am so sorry for you. If you love internet then you can make new friends as per your choice on social media sites and communicate with them.
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replied June 20th, 2016
The best friend is a dog! But if you want find friends, you will visit public places. Find friends on social media sites is not best choice.
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