I feel alone....I don't think I am depressed but just sad...You that u are depressed and reading this right now you will probably thinking ''So why are u posting here'' maybe you're right but this the only that I have,a blog in a forum.How lucky am I? I am a teenagers and right now I am writing how bad I feel and my mum is right next to me having no clue what I'm doing...I think she just not care.My life is a mess....My parents have broke up and my dad has marry another women that now are having a kid...My baby sister she is 6 years old and we have nothing in comment.... I live with my mum and my grandma and her sister that die 2 years earlier, I was divested but I had to stay strong for my mum that treats me awful.Maybe she loves me but she is showing it with the wrong way.My only friend is a boy in the same age with me.We grow up together (he was living next to my house but has moved a few blocks away) He is bullying me but he has not understand that this make me sad because he is doing as a jok and he thinks I understand that...But he is hurting me....He is the only friend I have and I don't want to be alone...But right now I am..I am incredible alone....
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replied July 22nd, 2013
Dear Lovely friend,
I am not going to preach you since I hate preaching Smile , we all are here to be together and support each other during tough times, I total understand what you say. I totally respect your feeling and mostly I experienced them too when I was in high school. I dont know what are you doing now but you should believe yourself, then good friends not just bullying ones come to you.
There is nothing worse than feeling alone, Let's promise not to leave each other forever, even trough far far away distances.
I bet most of people had a kind of these problems too, so dont afraid you gonna make your way soon.
keep in touch, I would be so glad to talk to and share some information and feeling,

Best wishes
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