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I am a Husk of a Human

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My whole life has been a struggle; fighting dyspraxia, scoliosis, tachycardia as well as bullies always used to put me down, but I always got back up. Lately however, I am completely in the dumps...I am a husk of the human I once was, I feel alone and completely isolated. I go to a university where I have literally 3 friends out of 18,000 students, my best friend is currently being pulled away from me by another kid and I am left alone. I try to reach out to others but I am always denied, now all I do is go to class and then sit in my dorm room feeling sad the rest of my day. I don't know what to do...I want to be included in something, feel like someone cares about me...but even my best friend (who is also my roommate) never even invites me out to eat with his friends despite the fact he claims he likes to "multiply the friendship". I am going to the school counseling center today, clearly I need help.

In the mean time, any advice on how I should to tell my best friend what I'm going through would be great.
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replied March 27th, 2012
I'm not a medical professional. It just that Ive been through this. You dont notice when you're on top and having fun that no ones there.. because your having fun. People want to be around you.. Its when your down that you realize none of those people are real. I know a lot of people.. I only have 3 real friends.. The people who pull through for you when you make it known that you need help are always the last people you would have ever guessed. Im glad that you are going to see a counselor. If i had done that a long time ago maybe i wouldnt be here. I'm in a bad place right now with depression and anxiety but.. none of its because i don't have people.. when i was were you are right now.. in school.. friendless.. event less... lonely.. I actually started finding things i wanted to do and just did them myself. I read a few self help books.. started exercising.. went to movies and did things I wanted to do. People like being around people who .. like being around themselves. At least in my experience. Like i said - I'm not a professional and i have my problems.. but that's my take on it. If you want to confront your "friend" do it honestly.. don't sensor yourself. If you dont.. once hes alone and has nothing to do and your out doing your thing.. he'll start asking why you dont want to hang out with him.
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