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Hysterectomy with removal of one or both ovaries ?

I'm having a TLH and also removing the left ovary/tube due to a very large cyst on Jan 6th. My right ovary also has a cyst, but it's smaller. I am undecided as to whether I should also have the right ovary removed. It would mean I wouldn't have any more worries, but it would also put me into surgical menopause, which terrifies me! I'm 47 1/2 and have Fibromyalgia, which comes with a host of issues, including extreme fatigue, pain and insomnia. I'm barely functional now, due to the Fibro, and am scared to death that removing both ovaries would make me completely non-functional. On the other hand, I worry that leaving the ovary could cause problems later on and I'd have to subject myself to yet another surgery. Also, taking HRT is probably not something I will be able to do, since I tend to not tolerate drugs well. Any advice would be greatly helpful, as I'm going in for surgery on Thurs and need to make a decision ASAP!...thanks!
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replied January 2nd, 2011
There are conservative options for ovarian cysts, like removal of the cyst only, without removal of the ovary. Have you had an ultrasound, CT scan and/or MRI done in the last two months?

There is an excellent video that you should watch before deciding what to do. It's "Female Anatomy: the Functions of the Female Organs" if you go to the home page after you watch the video there is information on how you can contact HERS and speak with a counselor by phone.

Best of luck to you in making this important, irreversible decision.
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