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Hypothyroid caused by root canal/candida?

Hello everyone. Since this website helps people to feel better in a natural way, instead of the use of drugs, I'd like to see if anyone can give me advice into my health problems. Here's the story-

I was diagnosed with having Hypothyroidism, caused by Hashimoto's.I started to notice symptoms in early 2009. In late 2008, I had a root canal performed on two teeth, was on antibiotics for two months and was on a diet for 6 months and lost 40 lbs. I had no health complaints until those three things took place.

My original blood test for TSH was 5.1, now it's 1.9. The symptoms that I had included- weight gain (I gained 20 lbs) without changing the way I was eating, bloating after eating bread products, feeling like I'll have a panic attack after eating sugar, sensivity to heat/sun, fatigue, no motivation and OCD.

I was prescribed Armour as my medication. The only positives I can say are that my weight gain has stopped, and I no longer have acne, only the occasional break out.
My complaint is that I still have sensitivity to sugar and bread, no motivation, OCD.

I went to a naturpathic doctor for a second opinion, since my symptoms are still present. The doctor did a series of blood tests. The naturpathic doctor found out that I have anemia, though the cause of the anemia is not known. I also have Candida, though a mild form of it. The blood levels for Candida, are 1.1 and 0.9. I know that Candida is related to OCD.

I noticed that where my spleen, pancreas and liver are, the areas are sore when touched. I believe I have hypoglycemia, since I have a reaction to eating anything high in sugar.

I know that anemia is important to treat, though the hypoglycemia is important. I'm planning on requesting one, to see if I'm definitely hypoglycemic. I have a family history of diabetes.

I'm having an ultrasound of my my stomach to see if my liver/spleen/pancreas are enlarged or if I have any abnromalities in my stomach.

I also had a root canal performed in late 2008, took antibiotics for acne in 2008 for 2 months. The reason that I mention the root canal, is that I read that root canals can cause autoimmune disorders, like Hypothyroid.

Here are my questions-

1) How can I tell if my root canal is affecting my body in a negative way? I notice the area where the root canal was performed is sore. I read that's a sign of infection caused by the root canal. I found a holistic dentist that charges $750, for a special test to see if your teeth are the cause of your health problems. Is this crazy or normal? If there are more affordable options, I'd do it.

2) Why would my naturpathic doctor not recommend a 2 hour glucose test even if I have the symptoms of hypoglycemia?

3) Since the Candida levels in my blood are not extreme, just 1.1, what's the first step to take? I've read numerous ways to cure Candida, though don't know the 'correct' treatment. I even read Candida can cause hypothyroid.

4) The doctor says I have anemia, that I believe is caused by my spleen. The naturpathic doctor never mentioned the spleen, I looked it up. I'm going to a hemotologist, to have a second opinion about my blood results.

5) Is 'cleansing' my body recommended now? If not, when should I do it?

As you can see, I like some clarification on some things. I don't know if I can blame a previous root canal, and how to tell if it's the cause of my health problems. OR is Candida the cause of my health problems?

If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it Smile
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replied March 6th, 2013
Bacteria from Root Canal Could lead to Hypothyroidism
I didn't have the symptoms and subsequently the diagnosis of autoimmune Thyroditis until soon after a root canal. (I then had several other root canals) This was the same experience for somebody else I spoke with; which I thought was too coincidental. I'm becoming more convinced that the bacteria being generated by my root canal and escaping through my jaw has triggered the creation of antibodies which have in turn attacked my thyroid gland. But I can't stand the thought of pulling out the teeth, even though they are dead. I would love to know what you learned since you posted to this forum.
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