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hypotension (Low BP) & shaking??

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I have been under a lot of stress recently and need to know if this is normal. After lying down for a while and then standing up I have been feeling a sense of dizziness. I usually do not fall to the floor just hold onto something. Maybe feel a little tingly. However on 3 diff occasions I have fallen to the floor and started shaking. I did not loose consciousness and it only lasts for a few minutes. Once its done I am fine? Has anyone ever experienced this before?
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First Helper notsure79

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replied November 17th, 2008
Well, it might be time to get this hypotension checked out by a doctor because low blood pressure is a problem if it causes dizziness or fainting.

When you stand up, gravity causes blood drop to the veins of your leg and reduces the amount of blood that returns to your heart. This causes your blood pressure to drop (orthostatic hypotension). Normally, your autonomic nervous system rapidly accommodates this effect by narrowing (constricting) your blood vessels and increasing your heart rate. But if these mechanisms don't work normally, the drop in blood pressure can be severe enough to cause fainting.

You might want to request a table tilt test, arterial catheterization or, at the least, a blood pressure test. Check it out, though. These symptoms are not normal.
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replied March 7th, 2009
low blood pressure, vertigo and paralysis
I get the above - low blood pressure and dizziness to the point of virtigo

does anyone know if it causes paralyis?

Dec08 I was paraylised in my left arm, it came and went, then later in both limbs on the left. the next day it was three limb qickly spreading (so quick that I dropped me spoon of soup) and I was paralysed from the neck down for 5 and half hours. I was in emergeny for 7days. Dr stumped

Jan 09 I went to casualty twice with right arm stiffness then paralyisis again - and purple colouring in lower right arm - freezing cold. arm felt like my feet would feel when they are freezing cold in bed

March 09 - Ive had the same pains in right arm for 2 weeks, most of the time, but no purple colouring.

Ive seen 2 neuros, had CT scan Lumber Puncture then MRI all normal

waiting to see the first neuro again in next couple of weeks.

Anyone know if low blood pressure - dizziness - and paralysis are linked?

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replied February 4th, 2012
Rx, I hope you get seen to soon, you must be so worried.
I sincerely hope you get the medical attention you need and let us know how it turns out.
Bless, DNACoyboy.
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replied February 4th, 2012
Still no answers from doctors - no one knows why this happens to me. One doctor gave up on my and said it was in my mind!!

Another said stress was causing the paralysis!
But an old friend - a retired Dr said the the stress would only aggravate the condition - causing paralysis - so I/they still don't know the cause or root of the paralysis is.

It doesn't happen as much or as aggressively as it did, but I still get the pre-sensations and the weakness in my arms/legs. - I still get stressful points in my life - without paralysis so is it really the stress?!
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replied March 10th, 2012
Have you ever been checked for a Chiari malformation or had your carotid arteries checked. I agree that stress would not cause this, maybe just aggravate but not be the cause. Otherwise we would all have it!
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