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hypostasis under eye doesn't disappear still (1.5month)

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Already during about 1.5 month hypostasis under an eye does not disappear! Shocked

It is complexly story, I can explain shortly what happened: About 1.5 months back I was impact in area of an eye bone, first has appeared a small bluish swelling near an eye is closer to a temple, then next day it flew under an eye - and the bruise with a swelling(like hypostasis) was formed.
Then I wanted to get rid of a bruise faster and started to spread special gel against bruises - 5 times each day (during 2 days). At 3th day of using this gel I decided to stop. And after I have washed off it in shower - as usually I have smeared the face with a usual cream with ehter oils and I have received а burn of a skin in area around of eye, because after washing off of any gels against bruises it is dangerously to render a fat cream with oils - will be burn (as I have found out later). I did not begin to do anything and have gone to bed.
Next day the skin around eye became overdried and rude with some dimness. Then I have gone to a drugstore and have asked something from burns (if it was possible to render around of an eye).
But as I already was afraid to spread something - I have decided to not spread anything medical any more. I just greased area around of an eye with a children's humidifying cream (the skin overdried from burn)- at first frequently, after - less often and less often...

The skin was softened (though some dimness remained still), and the the bruise has disappeared for a long time, BUT HYPOSTASIS(SWELLING) UNDER THE EYE DOES NOT DISSAPEAR STILL. Since impact this hypostasis has not decreased at all. what that? why so long - it is normal? what the reason why the hypostasis under an eye does not dissapear - it is the same hypostasis that from impact or it is alreay from other - from any gel/creme for example? or it is a burn has affected? or because of both? what to do and not to do?

and any way - this hypostasis will disappear sometime at all?
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