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Hypomanic Obsessions, I am not sure what do about it

My now ex-girlfriend of 2 years has recently broke up with me following a Citalopram-induced Hypomanic episode. She has undiagnosed Bipolar 2. By nature, she is a very sweet, shy, loving and monogamous person. She also has a history of hypomanic episodes, where she racked up a huge amount of debt through obsessive spending.

We were immensely happy together over the two years, and we were devoted to each other. I have helped her through some bad times, and have always stuck by her. I will also note that we were the kind of couple who appreciated giving each other their free time when we wanted it. That's how trusting and great our relationship was. In Feburary, she went to the doctor to get Citalopram, as she claimed to have been feeling depressed. She had never went to the doctor during our relationship to get antidepressants, but I supported her choice. She took one course, but never went back. Within a couple of weeks, she began acting very different. Very distant, little affection towards me, and became more interested in going out drinking all the time (She had given up drinking due to depressant effects).

In early April, she broke up with me, saying that she didn't love me anymore. She said that she was too young to be tied down, and wanted to visit Italy and be by herself. I knew something was wrong, but at the time I didn't know what. I convinced her to take a 2 week break.

After 2 days, she phoned me in tears, saying she loved me, and the whole thing had been down to stress (she had a huge upcoming exam at the time). Within a couple of days, she began acting strange again, very little contact with me and when I reached out, she was quite irritable. She was also going out drinking a lot more again, drinking nothing but Peroni (Italian beer). She also became fixated on a famous Italian football manager.

By the end of the week, she broke up with me again, saying she couldn't bring herself to be with me anymore. It has been nearly a month since this happened, and she has become infatuated with Italian men (she has slept with at least 2 that I know of) and is making all these plans to visit Italy with one of her friends. She constantly talks about this Italian football manager (she even says she draws pictures of him in class at college). She is also going out drinking all the time, and other people have noted that she is more agitated and prone to swings in mood (especially when she drinks). The whole thing is entirely unlike her.

Needless to say, I think that her hypomanic obsession with Italy and Italian men has driven her away from me, and I am not sure what do about it, as she is no longer in contact with me at the moment.

Any advice would be hugely appreciated

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