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Hypoglycemic attack symptoms

I posted this in the diabetic forum on accident so here it is here too

Okay I am a 30 yo woman.

When I was about 8 years old I was dx'd as borderline hypoglycemic.

Had problems on and off until about when I was in my early 20s

Haven't had a problem since unless I'm sick in the hospital and they test my sugars at night when I'm sleepign they drop enough that they wake me to drink juice. Or if I don't eat like all day.

Today... (and lately) I have been eating good.

I ate dinner... about 1-2 hrs after I start getting allt he hypoglycemic symptoms, cold, sweaty, shaking, sick feeling, headache, dizziness ect...

I get some sugar in me (I had candy available to me) doesn't help... find more food, and eat and eat and eat.... not helping. I just got someone here at work to watch the fort for me and found some canned fruit in a vending machine. I couldn't stop eating before I ate this and now I feel absolutely sick and neausues feeling but I haven't gotten sick yet.

I can't seem to get my sugar levels up...

Do I wait? Do I go to the ER? (It is sunday night after all) Once I leave here (in about an hour and a half) I go home and no one is there but my daughter (after I pick her up from the sitters) she'll be sleeping and I won't have anyone to drive me or help me if I were to really get sick.

Is there anything else I can do? I drank juice and everything.

Oh and FYI I don't have a blood/glucose testing thing as I never really needed it.
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replied August 2nd, 2008
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What you need to do is start eating right. If you do not, these symptoms will continue to get worse. Unfortunately, most of the time, when you start to eat right you will feel a lot worse at first (maybe not, depends). You can't keep correcting it with sugar like that, that merely aggravates the condition and will make the process even more grueling.
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