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Hypoglycemia symptoms but blood sugar normal? Also, Migraines?

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I have been trying to find an answer to this question in the forums but after an hour I just decided to post it, so sorry if it is a repeat! I have been suffering on an off with what I have diagnosed as hypoglycemic episodes for years. I have also suffered from Migraines for years. I have finally started to put two and two together and strongly suspect that my migraines are related in some way to my blood sugar.

Here is my problem, though. Sometimes when I am SURE I have low blood sugar (all the classic symptoms) I test it and it is fine! What the heck!?!? Anyone experience this?

Also- I'm sure I have other migraine triggers but a very common time for me to get a migraine is around 11am if I haven't eaten enough or at the right time or the right foods or something in the. I don't really know the right thing in all those areas, all I know is that I feel low-bloodsugary and then BLAMO the migraine comes on. It is so frustrating because sometimes it happens when I really thought I did everything right, but clearly I have a lot to learn in this area (what with the food combinations, timing, protein to carb ratio and all).

Does anyone else thing blood sugar is a migraine trigger and how do you handle it?

I have not officially been diagnosed but quite frankly I have lost all confidence in doctors when it comes to things that can't show up on an Xray or Scan.... if they can't see it then it doesn't exist. Drives me nuts.
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replied March 22nd, 2012
I know exactly what you speak of!!! I took my own health into my own hands so to speak. I have looked and looked for reasons for my migraines and feel of low blood sugar, I can eat and within 15-20min feel brand new aside from whether at that point i've reached migraine status! I eat every 3 or so hours, just a handful of this or that-I don't watch really what I eat though I don't buy anything "bad" for the family. A handful of pretzels carries me through for a couple hours, then I sweat pretty badly feel chilled to touch, and like i'm hungover. I can pretty much gage when its going to happen anymore, so cheese is most helpful to me along with graham crackers granola bar or trail mix. Fast & easy to carry with! I have 3 children so "breaking" for the major "attack" is out of the question! Good luck and I hope this helps, atleast a little!
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