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Hypoglycemia or poor diet symptoms ?

Hi guys.

I get hungry fast, even after a big meal. I think I'm putting on weight because I eat so much. I don't eat simply because I want to, I eat because I feel hungry and I get unpleasant symptoms like feeling that my body is shaking, light headiness and a hunger/burning feeling in my stomach. I get thirsty/dry mouth quite a lot aswell though, I don't know if it's all in my head because I KNOW these symptoms are linked with diabetes.

This has been happening for about 12 months now, I went to my doctor about it because I had anxiety that I may have been diabetic or something. He said it was the anxiety causing it and I shouldn't worry about it.

90% of my anxiety has now gone away, but there's something in the back of my mind saying that I may be a diabetic or have hypoglycemia.

I did some researching around and I don't know if it could just be my diet that makes me feel hungry a lot. The majority of food I eat is pretty much junk food. I do try to eat a lot of whole grain though, in the day for example, if I feel hungry I'll tend to eat a sandwich, usually with brown bread.

I don't seem to be balancing my food out though, I'll eat fruit/veg now and then, but mainly I seem to eat sandwiches and eat cereals.

Could these symptoms I'm having just be down to a poor diet or could their be something medical wise?

What foods are the best to keep you feeling full for as long as possible?

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replied July 28th, 2009
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Proteins and fats, but the good stuff. Fruit should also be eaten as your only sugar source.
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