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Hypoglycemia on Nuvigil

I have been feeling bad with mostly fatigue, nausea, headache for about 3 weeks. I initially attributed these symptoms to carbon monoxide exposure, but the exposure has not been recurrent for 2 weeks now and I have to continued to be fatigued off and on, daily. My symptoms have changes somewhat over the past week. Now I am have some muscle aches, mostly in my arms and neck and my eyes burn. I get so fatigued that holding the steering wheel is tiring. Today I had my usual fatigue but also feel foggy, had difficulty concentrating, jittery, heart racing, and felt like I was gonna pass out. Had a nurse check my blood sugar and it was 46. This was about 4 hours after having orange juice, mixed fruit cup, and chicken minis from Chic fil a, and about an hour after eating canned peaches in light syrup. Now I am wondering if this has been the problem all alone and not the carbon monoxide. I was started on Nuvigil 2 months ago for narcolepsy and had been doing well on it after initial trouble sleep, GI upset. I did start to lose my hair bout 1 month ago. Hypoglycemia is not listed as a side effect for this drug, but it is fairly new. Just wondering if anyone has some insight into this, if any one has experienced hypoglycemia on Nuvigil. I am not taking any other medications.
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