Symptoms started 7.5 days ago. They include: general feeling of something like dizziness/fuzziness sometimes accompanied by seeing that glittery stuff; hunger; headaches; difficulty thinking; anxiety; tingling, most notably in hands, feet, and lips, but often in extremities; shakiness; reduced physical strength; stomach cramps & bloating esp. after meals.

Symptoms improve somewhat after eating, but not for long, and don't seem to go away completely. However, recently symptoms have persisted when I've had a FULL stomach.

NO new medications. No diabetes or family history of diabetes, and no increased thirst. No, I'm NOT dehydrated--I'm one of those people who's always drinking water all the time.

Saw a Physician's Assistant, got blood work: CBC all within STANDARD RANGE, TSH is NORMAL, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (including Glucose) all within STANDARD RANGE, accept for Anion Gap (was 4mmol/L, standard 5-15mmol/L. When I asked, lab tech said not cause of concern.)
Temperature and blood pressure were normal.

Made a point of eating every 2-3 hours for last 4 days, had NO caffein for past 2 days. No improvement. Sleep & naps seem to help, at least in very short term.
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Tags: Diabetes, Anxiety
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