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I have been diagnosed with Hypoglycemia way back in July 1989 at the Univeristy Hospital.

I was also diagnosed with Genralized Anixety as well but, after 20 years I was finally told the truth but, since I was treatmented for and wrongly diagnosed, I am having problems.

My mind has been brainwashed into thinking that I really do have Anixety even though the doctors say now that I have Hypoglycemia. I was a shut-in for many years and get very nervous being out and among people again. I go into pyschological panic brought on by my own mind.

Today, one of my molars broke off when I was brushing my teath. Now, I must go to the dentist office in two days. The hospital gave Lorazepam .5 mg strength to help control the anixet attacks but, the Lorazepam interfers with my blood sugar levels. Besides that it alwyas levels me feeling sick within hours of having to take it.
Even my blood pressure raises as well.

I just do not know what I am going to do about it. Any advice? My tooth is still broken off and it still needs to be fixed right away.
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replied August 18th, 2009
I made it back from the dental office down the street from my house. He gave me four shorts in the mouth to numm the area of the tooth that broken off for no reason.

Later that day about 2 hours to be exact. I was talking on the phone with my oldest sister. That was the very last thing I remember even now. I had passed out on the floor of my living room. My phone was still in my hand and off the hook.
As I lay there on the floor according to my oldest sister, I began to make a horrible choking sould over and over again then, She said, I was kicking out wildly and kicking my office desk violently.
She wanted to call the emergency personnel but, my phone was off the hook and no could get through to me.
The police listened in on the line and all was deadly silent in the room so, they did not come out to check on me. The next morning my sister precedes to tell me all about my horrible experience but, I cannot remember any of it, even now.
I think the dentist put a shot containing Eprinephrin into my mouth that day without believing me when I said not to do so.
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