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hypochondriac...... should I be concerned?

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Hello all Very Happy

I am an outrageous hypochondriac! I find that reading other people on here with the same problems as me (odd enough I know) helps me realize that I'm not I will give you all a low down first of all of all the diseases I was 100% sure I had in order:

1) Diabetes
2) Testicular cancer
3) Genital Herpes
4) Chlamydia
5) Colon cancer
6) Bladder cancer
7) IBS
Cool Multiple Sclerosis
9) Lymphoma
10) Leukemia
11) Throat cancer
12) HIV
13) Brain Tumor
14) Rabies

I still am convinced that I have 2), Cool, 9), 10), 12), and 14).


Swollen gland under chin (Not sure if its a lymph node but I'm convinced it its)
Change in bowel habit, consistency (back to normal now)
One testicle seems to be lower than another
Feeling of hot fluid leaking inside of leg
Extreme dizziness if I suddenly sit up (think this is quite normal in my family)
Once I had an itchy sensation all over my body
Common mouth ulcers
Weird twitch in muscles

I will now give you an account of all the testing that I had underwent;

1) Thorough blood test ( Doctor was very helpful. She knew of my anxiety so she decided to test me for everything with these bloods. She took 7 tubes of blood with her all to be tested for different things) - Clear
2) Blood sugar level - 6.4 - Normal
3) Blood pressure 1st appointment- Normal
2nd appointment-Normal
3rd appointment- Slightly low due to not eating breakfast (I think) *all these three appointments were in the space of 3 weeks.
4) Digital Rectal Exam - Clear
5) Physical examination of lungs, liver, spleen, etc - Clear
6) Doctor looked in mouth and found a throat infection.

I just want to add that I am sure that this is all connected with anxiety. I do have OCD behaviour. For example, if I seen a lorry and suddenly a thought would come into my head that if I didn't wave at that lorry that I would die in three days. And another example, I always enjoy closing my eyes and thinking over end of the world scenarios and how I survive and everyone else dies and when thinking of this I feel a sense of loneliness for the rest of the day. I'm a complete wreck!What should I do? Question
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replied March 5th, 2012
I know what it's like. I think my hypochondia comes from my dad dying when I was young (12). It was so sudden and tragic, he had a massive heart attack.
I just also had my gallbladder removed almost 2 months ago. still have pain my lower right side, notified doctors who told me give it time, I don't want to give it time, I want the pain to go away. I fear that one word "Colon Cancer!" I know that is kind of a crazy fear as I am only 23, I don't have any problems moving my bowels, I have changes in bowel habits due to not having a gallbladder of course. Just this pain in my right side worries me, I also have kidney stones. Doctor's keep pointing this out, but they are not moving so they shouldn't be causing me pain. So, I don't think I'd be satisfied until I have a Endocsopy and Colonoscopy to see how things are in there. Until then, right now. That is my main concern.

I have also had the fear of Brain Cancer (lately). Cause I get lots of headaches, dizziness. Been seeing a chiropracter and I just have lots of tension behind my head (check one out, it may help). After seeing him my head is feeling better as well as dizziness seems to have vanished, I also have four impacted wisdom teeth in my lower jaw that could be giving me headaches and what not as well.
I've also had fears of heart problems as my father died of a heart attack at the age of 49. Cause I gets lots of chest pains, tingling in my fingers and such. I've had EKG's and a stress test in december. All has come back good. I think it's more anxiety then anything, plus I get lots of popping and cracking in my chest so I am sure it's either anxiety or muscular related.
I've also! had a fear of Lymphoma as well. I always have throat tightening, throat pains and stuff like that. Seen a ENT. He felt the lump, turns out to just be a parathyroid calcification. Nothing to worry about. I just got lots of tender muscles in my throat. I'd suggest seeing a ENT if your really worried about it. They could tell you if it is anything to worry about, most likely, It won't be.

My only problem is. I always have pain, mainly in my stomach, my blood work and Cat Scans always come back good except for kidney stones. Only thing I have never had is a Endoscopy and Colonscopy to try see why I am having this right sided abdominal pains. That has me very worried, I know how you feel.
One day, I never worried about anything. Now I have pains all the time and I worry about everything, I fear my death. I fear they might find something, or I have something serious that they have not found yet, no matter what the tests say. I live in constant pain and fear over little stupid stuff.

BUT! One thing I can tell you! stay away from looking up symptoms on the internet! That is a big no no. Seriously, anything you type in comes up cancer. I think that's why I fear this colon and bowel cancer thing. That is a cause for right sided abdominal pain, though there is other causes that are more likely. I always fear the worst, That would of never even crossed my mind if I would have stayed off the internet.
See a psychologist, no need to live in fear all the time over such crazy stuff.
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replied March 10th, 2012
Its not an easy life to live! I am a 16 year old, I shouldn't be worrying about cancers and death, I should be worrying about asking a girl out or keeping my place on a football team.
I decided to call my doctor who is prescribing me with medication for OCD. I hope these meds work as life is living hell for me. I was never involved in risky sexual acts that would give me an STD yet I constantly think I have HIV. I recently got oral thrush.. its just like I'm getting every symptom and disease in the whole world !
The only advantage I can think of, of having hypochondria is the fact that it educates you with knowledge of health in humans and I do really want to become a doctor.
I know too much about the human body comparing to my friends who don't even know what a lymph node is. My parents did bring my to the doctor 3 times in a month which is crazy. They are getting sick of me complaining so I have decided that I'm going to ask them to restrict me using the internet !
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replied March 26th, 2012
I have read over these posts and my problems may not be as extreme but I fear it will get worse over time. I will give you my examples:

When I wake up in the morning I generally just feel tired and that's good that I am not feeling ill or anything (This is how I think). As I always fear getting sick. Colds I do not like, but it does not bother me as much. I have had Pneumonia 3 times in 5 years..So anytime I get a chest cold I get worried that it is Pneumonia..constantly thinking about a degree, rightly so, as I was told once I get Pneumonia I am more prone to get it again..and I did..3 times. That I can even live with though.

Now when it comes to a stomach issue, bug or anything like that.. I becomes anxious, I constantly think about it.. I can't get it out of my mind, I obsess about it. If someone comes into work, and has been sick with something like this.. I sometimes have to leave the room the anxiety gets so bad. I contantly sanitize my hands, I start to not feel good at all, and I try to avoid the person..and a lot of times I cannot. So when they are around i will literally hold my breath as long as I can, until they leave and then leave the area, exhale and breathe the air where they are not...It is absolutely RIDICULOUS. I can't help it though.. I try calming down, it doesn't work. See that one thing will trigger the thought for the rest of the day and all evening after work at home. And it starts to affect me physically because of it. Nausea sometimes, which definately does not help the thought of 'nothing is wrong".

I noticed just today.. I am typing this from work on a break, btw. I have a co worker who had a son who was sick all night. And I was completely find until I heard this from my co worker. I start getting in my head, I am going to catch it through her as she had contact with her son. It drives me nuts as I know it is not a normal way of thinking, at the same time I am glad I realize it is not a normal way of thinking.

So after that I had enough and come on here to type away my issue with this and also will go on other things, but the aforementioned situationed has ruined my whole day and night. It is busy here at times, and I keep busy but the thoughts will not leave my mind no matter what I do.

Other things I worry about are:

Being diabetic, runs in my family, a few symptoms and too afraid to get tested for it as I fear I will have this makes no sense as, if I fear it would I not want to know and then take care of it?, in my mind it would change my whole life, and rather die not knowing.. it's really weird and I do not understand it. And that basically goes for a lot of the things people mentioned above.. I do not even like to type the diseases or issues out, as it makes me feel uneasy..that to me is messed up...

So if anyone can reply to this..or make full sense of it..feel free..I would rather come here for now. Post things, read over forums with persons who have similar problems and see if there is something that will help. I have anxiety as it is and have medication for it.. I am not sure if my body has become tolerant to them as alll that anxiousness comes and these are used to treat anxiety.. I don't want to go stronger..the pills i take now i have been on for a long time..and the withdrawl from those alone would write me off for a long anything stronger would be worse.

Anyways all in all I have issues like everyone here and those who are not.. I don't know why i keep thinking.. I am going to catch this or that or do the things I do..sad part is about the flu, or sickness part with the co worker is that she isn't even the one that has it, that I know of, but had contact with someone who isnt even here.. I look at her like a carrier..I can't stand this way of thinking.
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replied April 3rd, 2012
Hey righty24!

I am sorry to hear that you suffer this dreadful disorder. I am doing great since starting this topic. My doctor prescribed me with Prozac which I intend to take for at least a year to ease the anxiety. I have been on these for only 3 weeks and I already find a significant improvement.

With this medication, I now (if I think I have a disease) close my eyes and think to myself "Do I really have this? Or is it just the same phase I had over the other million diseases" I then laugh it off. It might be hard and sound ridiculous but it helps!

I would recommend you to go get tested for diabetes. You probably don't have it but it would indicate if you were at "high risk" of getting it and you could stop the disease from increasing exercise or improving your diet.

Remember, diabetes without treatment could cause other serious complications, much worse than changing your daily routine.
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replied April 4th, 2012
Ok here are your issues. And a Prozac or Xanax or whatever may work in getting your mind off things and REDUCING YOUR HEARTRATE.

High HEARTRATE means that you are essentially exercising 24 7. Now here's the issue with that. You are losing water like crazy. And you can say well I drink water but if you aren't drinking a gallon a day then you are not drinking water. Under normal circumstances you wouldn't need this much water but in your case you need this much

Next is that without enough water then you don't digest correctly. So when you are eating your subs and sugar snack or potatoes or anything carb related it is sitting in your stomach and the only thing digesting it is bacteria. So drinking water will help address this issue

Next you may say that it can't be digestion bla bla but oral thrush is nothing more than the fact that you have so much bacteria in your body that is getting food everywhere becausevyou are leaving it behind that it is making its way all the way up I to your mouth. This isn't a big deal now but is a precursor to other diseases because its a matter of you aren't doing the right thins and if you continue down the same path the problems will compound.

So imagine that bacteria is crawling up your esophagus into your mouth like soldiers climbing up a mountain. Now imagine dumping a bunch of water on them. Are they gonna let go and all start falling back into their hole? No they aren't. This is why you need to also incorporate having a glass of water with either lemon in it or a curry or turmeric or ginger. All of these things will actually burn those soldiers and force them to let go of that grip. But down go overboard. Once or twice a day is good enough until you get the problem under control then you can do it just once a day. Religiously.

Next thing I want you to do is for a week don't have bread potato sugar rice beans. I want you to replace all of these with orange juice for your energy. Think salads and orange juice. You may hate it but is not going to do anything bad for your body other than giving it a nice clean start. And I bet you will feel better.

Also use these as reference points to kow how your doing. Look at your tongue more often. If you see that white film all the time then you have too much bacteria over growing inside of you. You what to eventually see a pink tongue.

Here's an idea of your weekly diet.
Wake up have 3 cups of water.
For breakfast start your day with a smoothie or just 2 cups of orange juice. Don't gulp it all down but rather fill a Poland spring bottle and take it with you gulping it here and there til it's done.
Then when your hungry have a yogurt with fruit in it. These have sugar for energy since you aren't having bread and crap.maybe have yogurt with peanut butter in it and a banana

Next is lunch. Have a chicken salad with orange juice. Onlyborange juice. No apple juice or other juices.

Snack have a banana or something for energy. Cashews are great and delicious.

Then dinner. Have a meat and broccoli or other veggies. And orange juice

Sprinkle some water here and there and you are good. This will clean up your swollen lymph nodes and all. And don't give up. Don't feel weird one day and say that this is horse crapvbecause you have to get worse before you get better
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