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Hypersomnia testing

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I have an appointment with a neurologist in about 5 day and was wondering what I should expect. Question Will it just be basic testing or are they going to want to hook me up and stay the night that very night? Will they want me to be well rested before coming in or as I would any normal day? Also, how many visits does it usually take to complete testing? Any thoughts on this would be GREAT!

Additional info:
I read that they will probably do a bit of Q & A, blood work, and a urine drug screening. I've had blood work done before and everything was with-in the "normal" range (a few things on the lower end, but still normal), I'm pretty sure I'm not depressed (maybe a little goofy, but not schizophrenic by any means), and I'm pretty sure if smoking weed once or twice a month would cause this the world would be a much different place. giggle
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