Hello, sorry about the lengthy post but i need help and this appears to be a tricky case. I am a 38 y. o. woman with a healthy lifestyle ( well balanced whole foods diet + daily exercise). My appendix was removed when I was 8 y. o. and my gallbladder was removed when I was 21 y. o. due to the presence of stones. I am otherwise very healthy and lean, i do not take any medication and when I was checked for food allergies it was determined that my only allergy was seafood which of course I avoid.
But about 1 year ago I started noticing that I was reacting violently to foods that are high in Tyramine, like salami, cheese, sauerkraut, marzipan, avocado etc... I have had about 12 attacks in 2 years and the symptoms during the attacks are always the same : about 10 mn after ingesting the culprit food my heart starts racing ( 130 to 150 bpm for 3 to 10 mn) , my blood pressure goes up, I feel very dizzy and nauseous and my whole body starts shaking for about 30 mn, which is usually followed by a light headache.
None of the 7 doctors ( including a neurologist) I've seen so far have ever met someone with this problem, and they couldn't tell me why i started being so sensitive. Usually people reacting to Tyramine are migraine sufferers, which I am not, or are taking antidepressants, which I am not either.
My blood tests results are good except for the bilirubin (a little high) and a bit of adrenal fatigue. So after doing much research I put myself on a low Tyramine diet, which helped me put some weight back on and feel less terrified of eating but doesn’t solve anything.
I haven't had another attack in a month so it confirms the Tyramine theory. The question is why am I all of a sudden so sensitive to Tyramine and why do I have these strange scary symptoms ? Is this a temporary condition ? Please let me know if your symptoms are similar in any way, or if you have ever heard of this type of food sensitivity. Thank you for your time.
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replied October 26th, 2009
hypersensitivity to tyramine??
Hi i'm a 17 years old woman, and a few days ago i had a hard time breathing, headache and confusion. I thought maybe it was an allergie but then everything a looked at didn't make sens cause i ate other products that contained tha allergen...i soon stumbled across hypersensitivity to tyramine which matches all my symptomes but, i had intakes of food wich contained tyramine before...but now the more and more i go on and eat foods with tyramine i experienced some headaches and a fast heartbeat...
Not sure if its temporary, and its the frst time i hear about ths food sensitivity...thank you for yourpost
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